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Landed a Triple on video

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Took my Ohio friend, Charles, out for his first ever try for salmon on Thursday/Friday.  He landed 4 his first day and the second day we landed a triple with just the two of us on the boat!  What a hoot that was.  Luckily we had the GoPro running to document our efforts.  We though his fish was a derby fish until we got it close and saw the dipsy never tripped :doh:  I had told him you had to be easy on wire and obviously he listened.  I don't think I'll have any trouble getting him to come again next year! 


YouTube video link is http://youtu.be/hHW6zvBBhgE  and please pardon the couple language slips.  We were pretty excited.

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I had not noticed number 4 whack the dipsy. Thanks for the good eye. Don't know if we could have handled a quad but it would be fun to try😅

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Great job, great video  !!  Boxing all 3 of a triple is a great accomplishment for two anglers so give yourself a pat on the back  :yes:


It's good you didn't listen to all these "bad" reports and stay home  Look at what you would have missed.


Thanks for sharing  :yes:  :yes:

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