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Ruff Rider Sodus Live Report 2016 Aug 5-7

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Really excited to try out that torpedo steel from the salmon slam. I think thats a 300 too? Nice to see good results from it

Yes that was the 300 60lb and I was very jealous when you picked it up haha
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Ok, I need some opinions... looking at new fish finders for Ruff Rider. This is the area I have to work with...



I'm not looking to spends a fortune, aka less than $1K. $600 would be even easier to swallow and I see the Helix9 can be had in that range. I like the sleek look of the Raymarines, but they are pretty expensive. Thoughts?

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This ain't bad! Has nice navigation and sonar in one, 7 inch, touch screen, insight maps, I think you might need a Transducer for broadband and the chirp functions if you want to use those.

Navico TM 150 (transom mount) is compatible but is a bit pricey at almost 300 clams.

The refurb unit is under 1000 however..

I'm looking at the same for my boat, u tube has some some nice demos on the Simrad nss evo2 9 inch model.

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Garmin pantopix though way out of price range I have a raymarine coming next week the feature that sold it was the wifi can stream it to a tablet or phone and with navigation now through that app a 10 inch tablet is cheaper than a 10 inch finder so that was my way to get a large touch screen a budget smaller than yours hopefully it works out

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For the amount you fish I would hold out until u can buy something better. Ask for gift certificates during the holidays! Haha

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