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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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8 hours ago, JakeyBaby said:

Anyone know where I can get Barnes Muzzleloader bullets in the Rochester area? I've called just about everywhere and no one seems to cary them anymore!

Try here.  Genesee Valley Shooting Supplies   I believe I saw some when I was getting some supplies last year.

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Okay, I didn't figure you guys would take me seriously...the goose fell out of the sky, probably a hunter in a field somewhere nearby, my buddy heard it crash...and I finished it from 20 yards as it was walking on one of my trails :P. Surprised the crap out of me when I saw it, I'll tell you. I can only wish I could make a shot on a goose flying. I hear there's guys who's can, but that ain't me. Good luck to all tomorrow!

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