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2020 Trail camera pictures


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38 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

What does this have to do with trapping?

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I would bet if it were proved that there was a population the antis would get trapping shut down. Someone might inadvertently catch one. Any excuse they can use.

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Good bye to my brand new spypoint camrea:headbang:   Had it in the woods for 3 days. Sent this pic and hasn’t made contact since. Looks like i gotta walk the 1.5hrs trou a swamp to pick up the pieces. Every  year i loose a camrea to a bear, but then again I put 4-5 camreas in places specifically to find bear. 


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First picture, then busted up by Yogi? You can't buy that kind of luck. Maybe it just lost signal? Mine took one picture, then stopped transmitting. I moved it fifty feet and it's been fine since. They can be finicky. But if it is in fact in pieces in a piece of bear scat....post it!!

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