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Legacy -The 2020 Season-

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October 22 pm
50 degrees
ENE wind 10-15 becoming calm
Rain most of the day and ending around 2ish

Not many options with the wind so I just picked (what I thought would be the best) and went with it. Not a whole lot of action anywhere near the stand. Apparently the deer wanted the butternut squash that was way across the other side of the field and not acorns. Who could blame them. Saw at least 10 bodies but could tell what they were.


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Good luck to all!!

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Well exciting evening in 8R ,,, two doe and a 4 point would be all I saw in the morning through 1 ish. Had to go down hill back to camp to take the kids to the pool.... back in the stand at 2 pm, one 6 point at 5:30 ten yards down wind no clue I was there then at 5:40 I see rack coming from the thicket 50 yards ,makes a bee line straight to my mock scrape which he hits for 5 minutes plus at 35 yards he was straight on all I had was neck and front shoulder then after knowing I played the wrong stand with the wind , was confident in my scent control..... well that didn’t work he got a sniff and jumped just 5 yards and no shot then walked off ... this guy is 2 on my list ... SPYPOINT got it all on camera note the hole in the pine direction he’s looking is me ... great day to be alive back at it sun. IMG_6250.JPG IMG_6247.JPGIMG_6248.JPGIMG_6249.JPG

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Thanks for all the congrats fellas.  Been a great hunt.  I made a great story for this bear.  I was convinced i wasn’t gonna kill a bear this year.  Food is scarce.  And it was tough nailing them down.  After today thou. I’m convinced i could get another bear tomarrow in the same area.  I seen 7 bear and missed the one this morning.   I love the solo hunt.  One-on-one in the big woods. Just me the bears and my pop pop walkin behind me. 

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