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Legacy -The 2020 Season-

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Barely made it out alive yesterday as that storm set in by 2 pm in 8r slept in this morning let the storm roll through and let the plows get done .. stopped at marina earlier and loaded up with some blocks for weight didn’t know what to expect. The kid and I slid into a nice blind with heat till noon just two hrs then took a short walk and walked up on a nice doe browsing at 100 yards out we closed the gap by 25 ish yards and the kid made a great shot with dad’s muzzloader... 80 yards through a six inch window.. back at it in the morning hopefully see some horns. Good luck to all IMG_6597.thumb.JPG.80334349b8eacb01afcc15a3f8a5a71c.JPG IMG_6589.thumb.JPG.d28ca858bbba358da0214c5e5dd65c15.JPGIMG_6588.thumb.JPG.ead99a322666d3d22aa90d97aadccfdb.JPG

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Congrats to Mallery, an cool pics of camp!
Good luck Tom

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1 minute ago, steelie said:

Disappointed to see one of my target bucks on camera that already dropped his antlers.... that's been quite a few of that I've seen already

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wow really. Funny thing, yesterday afternoon i saw a "doe" that was bumping other does... I never would have even thought that it may have been a buck


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