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Elosta flea market

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It will be at the Mexico VFW on April 9th morning until early afternoon.  Entry fee will be a nominal $2 per person.  There is an indoor and outdoor venue (if needed) for vendors.  Tables are available for a fee (depending on the number of tables, size of the table, and possibly an outside versus inside rate).  Exact times, food, and other information will be added as it gets firmed up.  We already have a few vendors looking to unload a lot of stuff.  There are plenty of tables still available.


Please call Bill Pingel to get a table at 315-515-8278. 

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3 hours ago, finsntins said:

two thumbs up to elosta and the mexico vfw for having this event.glad to see they didnt cave to the tyrants running this state.im really proud to be an elosta member!!!!!


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I'll be very happy to drive 100 miles to reconnect and see and greet all the good people of Elosta. I don't really have much that I want to sell or buy given the little fishing that I have been able to do.

The one thing I really enjoyed at the last "picnic" ( it was hamstrung by all the limitations that the pandemic caused) was the total lack of political back and forth and the pleasant atmosphere because of it. Where else in this world can you go to a public gathering and have a beer dispenser at your finger tips?

If my wife's health situation will allow me I will be there. If possible I will combine it with a great meal in the Eishaus restaurant to make it an even better day. See you guys there!!

I would love some info about possible raffles and potential prices or donations to different causes so I can be prepared.

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