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Pond bass


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I have a 1/2 acre pond dug in 2000.its 15 deep in middle.i use a sweetwater aerator 

The pond is loaded with bluegill some 12 in big bass crappie.waterlilles cover shore.

The bass come right up to shore looking for bullfrogs 

A fisherman dream.

If you have the land dig a pond .


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I have a “seasonal” pond in my backyard. I always wonder if we had it dug out whether it would hold water and be viable and what it would cost. 

I had same thing. It was a 4’ deep muck pond. I dug it out to 12’ and hit ledge rock. After that it wouldn’t hold water good. Got full in spring and would drop 2-3’ in summer.
Drained it and spread bentonite clay with a tractor. Been good ever since. It’s taken the edge off the wife wanting a pool. I realize a lot of people do this to have a place to fish. I intentionally did not put anything in except golden shiners. Now I have better bait than you can buy anywhere for catching BIG fish.

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On 10/22/2023 at 11:44 AM, NPike said:

Cool Pond, I  wonder how a few pike would do

They'd eat themselves out of house and home in a year or two.  Pickerel on the other hand, after getting some BG going would be a cool experiment!

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I get a couple ducks now and then but my dog keeps them run off.  I added a few blue gill this year. Hopefully they can cut down on some of the aquatic insects and leeches that have developed over the years. I don’t want anything that can hurt the baitfish population. 

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