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Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

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One tower collapsed at Fenner this last November. The entire farm has been shut down since. NYPA said it fell for "no apparent reason." Another fell at Maple Ridge & the oil seeped into the ground water a couple years back. The NYSDEC investigated & ended up trucking in bottled water to a bunch of people.

In those reference links I posted, they talk about wave heights similar to the baltic sea, but they don't take into account that Lake Ontario waves have much shorter periods that ocean waves. IE they're steeper & will pound the tower bases more frequently.

That exclusion zone means we won't be allowed within the farm at all.

Tom B.


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THought this had some relavance:

DEC releases Galloo findings

TWO TURBINES CUT: Agency says layout would threaten bird species




The conclusion of the state environmental quality review process has led developers to cut two turbines from the plan for Galloo Island Wind Farm.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation, which has been the lead agency on the review, released its findings Wednesday. Those findings included the elimination of two turbines to preserve habitat for the upland sandpiper, a state-listed threatened species.

That process leaves the project with 82 turbines and a nameplate capacity of 246 megawatts.

"In DEC's judgment, as set out earlier in these findings, avian impacts have been mitigated or avoided to the maximum extent practicable," wrote Jack A. Nasca, chief of energy projects and management. "The same applies to impacts to other coastal resources such as scenic qualities."

The findings pave the way for DEC to make a determination on eight permit approvals, some in conjunction with other agencies.

DEC concluded that the greatest possible effects of the wind farm are the change in the view from the mainland and the possibility of bird and bat deaths.

The department determined that the layout would result in a loss of habitat that supports state-listed threatened or endangered grassland bird species, particularly the short-eared owl, Northern harrier and upland sandpiper.

In addition to the two turbines that are removed from the plan, four other turbines are next to the grassland area. To mitigate the loss of 58 acres of that habitat, the developer will purchase 250 acres of suitable habitat on the mainland to replace it.

As part of the requirements of the state incidental take permit, DEC placed restrictions on construction activities, required the developer to mow every three years after nesting season and called for a control program for pale swallowwort which already has been submitted. If state-listed threatened or endangered species are killed, DEC may require additional studies and operational controls, including turbine shutdown.

About two-tenths of an acre of forest wetlands and 1.8 acres of land adjacent to DEC-regulated wetlands will be filled permanently. To make up for that harm, the developer will create a half-acre of wetland and 3.65 acres of protected forestland on an adjacent area.

Though the project is at least 5.6 miles from the mainland, the department noted the project is visible from a wide swath of shore and many historically and culturally sensitive locations.

DEC concurred with the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation on several possibilities for mitigating those changed viewsheds. They include funding improved access and interpretation at Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site, renovation of Pickering Beach Museum and Stone Hospital at Madison Barracks in Sackets Harbor, additional amenities and signs at Robert G. Wehle State Park in Henderson and upgraded signs at Westcott Beach State Park's scenic overlook on Route 3.

The environmental review process began in April 2008, when DEC wrested lead agency status from the town of Hounsfield Planning Board. After the developer Upstate NY Power Corp. released a draft environmental impact statement, DEC required additional bird and bat studies.

The developer submitted the final environmental impact statement Dec. 23. The town of Hounsfield Planning Board conditionally approved the site plan for the project Jan. 6.

This is not enough!! We need to put some MAJOR pressure on the DEC to do there job or explain to us why they have come up with these findings! This should be a big question at ALL STATE OF THE LAKE MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to show them that we are paying attetion to what they are doing!


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Some of you may have seen this editorial last week, prior to the Jefferson & Oswego County meetings this week. Not sure what paper it was in, as a friend forwarded it to me. Very interesting reading...


To the Editor:

Aaron Curtis's recent story on the Oswego County's Economic Development and Planning Committee's vote on offshore wind power omitted several items that are pertinent and important to understanding the con game going on, in respect to that windpower on Lake Ontario. These proposed windfarms can not survive or be feasible unless they receive stimulus funds (30% of the cost up front,$$200,000,000+), and pilot agreements (also our taxes) from affected towns and municipalities. The companies in question, the developers, are foreign. So our tax dollars are being OUTSOURCED to other countries; i.e. foreign workers. This IS NOT the supposed purpose of the huge stimulus money cookie jar that has been created. All this tax money would be much better spent on infrastructure, education, our parks and historic sites, locally. This blatant outsourcing to other countries, of our money is not being contested by our elected representatives in Albany or Washington. In effect our government representatives are playing an Enron/Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme on all of us, the upstate NY and US taxpayer.

The megawatts production noted in the article, "between 120-500", "230 at Galloo Island" are based on operating 24/7. Obviously if the wind isn't blowing fast enough, or is at to high a windspeed (turbines shut down at 25-30mph) the blades are not spinning or producing energy. The windfarms would be lucky to get 20% of what they are claiming they will produce. On top of that none of the energy produced is intended for our area. As Legis. Shawn Doyle said there will be "no tax revenue" (Lake bottom owned by NY State), and few long term jobs created locally. The pittance gained for the local area will be far outstripped by the side effects and unintended consequences that industrial windfarms are known to create (see Europe), ecologically and economically.

The NYPA is playing tag team with the developers to bring these windfarms into Eastern Lake Ontario; key word being TEAM. The allegiance of NYPA is to ITSELF not the taxpayer, this is a"greed-based" vs "green-based" project. The construction of industrial windfarms in the 50-150 foot deep section of the Lake will have many unintended consequences. Ecologically the disruption and destruction of migrating/spawning salmon, trout, and their feed fish will disrupt and cripple the sports fishing, and tourism industries in Oswego County. The tens of millions of dollars for this part of our local economy is a heck of a lot to risk for a small payback.

For the naturalists among us, the inevitable slaughter of birds migrating north AND south along the East end of Lake Ontario will be in the thousands. ONE windpark (Altamont), on a migration pathway in California, killed at least 10,000 birds in one year. Among them were over 100 golden eagles, and hundreds of hawks and owls. Many were carried off by scavengers and predators, so it was even worse than it appears. Five or six of these industrial windfarms will in effect be a huge meat grinder off our shore.

Unless highly unlikely, draconian measures are taken, the Asian Carp will inevitably find a way into the Great Lakes Ecosystem. Our last line of defense will become the Welland Canal and Niagara River/Falls. The incredible lack of enforcement by the Federal Gov't, and an oblivious DEC, that allowed zebra mussels, quagga mussels, gobies and a whole goulash of smaller species to get into the Lakes doesn't speak well of our chances to stop this disaster in the making.

Both Legislators, Malone and Mulcahey, that questioned the opposition to these industrial windfarms need to do a little research. People don't come to our region to watch windmills, they come for enjoyment of the NATURAL beauty of our Lake and shore. The monies being squandered on inefficient, low yielding wind power would be much better employed to preserve our parks, historical sites, schools, and infrastructure. This would serve our children and theirs much more, than the wind power boondoggle our politicians in Albany and Washington want to foist on us.

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Attention Wayne County

http://www.thetimesofwaynecounty.com/in ... tured-news

When the New York Power Authority revealed ambitious plans to install offshore wind turbines out on Lake Ontario and portions of Lake Erie, some counties such as Niagara and Erie voiced support for the project. Job creation and clean energy were touted as solid reasoning behind the suggestions. After all, European countries have utilized offshore wind turbines as a vital source of power for years. The flat, unobstructed, high wind capturing turbines seemed like a simple answer for future energy needs. On December 1, 2009 NYPA released a request for proposals for the development of offshore wind power projects in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The size and exact location for these projects is yet to be determined. A map released by NYPA depicts portions of the Lake Ontario shoreline in Wayne County as potential locations for offshore wind farms. NYPA describes the project as “a utility-scale offshore wind farm between 120 mw and 500 mw total capacity.†NYPA President Richard M. Kessel indicated refusal to allow these off shore behemoths would turn away thousands of manufacturing and service jobs for the Upstate area. With all the promise of good, why did several lake shore counties already nix the project? “My personal feeling is that I am totally against them,†said Sodus Supervisor Steve LeRoy. “I think this is a terrible exploitation of that lake and I do not see it happening.†LeRoy said that Wayne County spends a good deal of money on tourism and that the offshore wind turbines would spoil the lake views for everybody He added that what he believes would be the final 400 foot towers could probably be seen from the other side of the lake on clear days. “There would be no benefit to us (Wayne County) or our local economy once the electricity generated hits the grid. It won’t lower our electric bills,†said LeRoy. The Sodus Supervisor pointed out that Lake Ontario drops off drastically miles offshore and that the cost of the sub-structure for the wind turbines would probably offset any savings in the cost of energy. Both Oswego and Jefferson Counties to the east of Wayne County have already rejected the NYPA proposals and according to Williamson Supervisor/Board Chairman Jim Hoffman, Kessel informed the Counties at a regional presentation of the project that the NYPA would not build where there was opposition. Kessel said there were enough communities who wanted the project. A Wayne County resolution opposing the project was tabled at the March 16th Board of Supervisors meeting in favor of obtaining input from the public prior to Board action. Wayne County residents are invited to attend a public hearing to provide comments concerning the NYPA Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project. The public hearing will be held on March 31, 2010 at 7 PM at the Wayne County Courthouse, 26 Church Street in Lyons. Chairman Hoffman said, “It is our hope that residents with opinions pertaining to this proposed wind turbine project will attend the public hearing on March 31, 2010 and share their concerns with the Board of Supervisors.†The due date to accept the NYPA proposals is June 1, 2010.

If you can not attend the meeting please contact one of the board members to express your opinion!!


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ATTENTION Wayne County Fishermen:

This is the area that NYPA targets off Wayne County for approx 75-100 turbines. It runs from 80 to 150 FOW.


The NYSERDA recommendation for Gr Lakes turbines is that they stand 397 Ft above the water line (roughly the height of the Xerox tower in Rochester) and be spaced 10 rotor diameters apart. The projected area off Wayne County encompasses 18.5 square miles. NYPA won’t establish exclusion zones but Homeland Security & USCG will.

Please send emails to the links that Hank has provided. All of us need Wayne County to follow its Town of Huron’s lead and tell NYPA that we don’t want them out there.

Tom B.


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How much can we truly trust Kessel? He has been quoted as saying that "if the communities don't want the turbines, they won't get them...we'll find somewhere else for them". It's been reported in many articles he said these words, so he cannot go back and say he never said it. Not being a NY resident, I don't know that much about him, but can he be trusted to honor those words or is he really saying that to satisfy us, while he's really planning another attack in the background?

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How can this agency use our ability to sell New York State Bonds to finance a money losing project that will not pay for itself. Our ability to build roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure will be severely impacted by this scheme to enrich this beaurocracy. The interest rates for future bond sales will be so high we can not build anything else in New York State.

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How much can we truly trust Kessel? He has been quoted as saying that "if the communities don't want the turbines, they won't get them...we'll find somewhere else for them". It's been reported in many articles he said these words, so he cannot go back and say he never said it. Not being a NY resident, I don't know that much about him, but can he be trusted to honor those words or is he really saying that to satisfy us, while he's really planning another attack in the background?

He will not go back on his word. He will just have somebody else do what he wanted to do all along..

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WHAT THE H3LL ARE THEY THINKING????? Something smells worse than the pollutants they are allowed to dump into OUR lake. Somebody ought to take a look at their personal finances and see how much they've gone up. :@:@:@ I just can't believe this is going to be allowed.

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I agree, Bob. It's bad enough what they have already done prior to this news. All these politicians and beurocrats see are dollar signs. To h**l with the environment, the water purity, the people who love and enjoy the lake for what it is. Ugh, my blood pressure just went through the roof!!!!! :@

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I was talking to a friend of mine this morn who I work for that is involved with the NWTF (Turkys ) or somthing like that. He said out of the blue" have I told you how much I dislike our gov lately?" Is there some sort of Coalition of all the outdoorsman & sportsman groups so that groups like this & others & the many more out there can voice their united concerns to the powers at large and inform each other on issues that may concern all sportsman? Asked him about the turbines a while back and he new little. Would be nice if when issues like this came up we could inform the rest with a click of the mouse.

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EDIT: Copied from original post by 1fish2fish (Important Wind Turbine Information)


I received this email from a concrened friend who has been following the wind turbine project since the beginning. This is in reference to the Wayne county vote this evening at the Lyons County Courthouse for wind turbine project off Wayne county.

Your input would be appriciated.

'Dear Friends,

As many of you know – we are strongly opposed to offshore wind turbines proposed in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie that are being promoted by the New York Power Authority. (NYPA) NYPA has designated the area right off our property as a potential turbine site. On Weds. evening, March 31st - the Wayne County Board of Supervisors is having a public hearing at a special meeting in the county court house in Lyons, NY about this issue, taking public comments and we will be speaking against the Great Lakes Offshore Wind (GLOW) project at that meeting. Wayne County is accepting email comments on this issue from the public prior to this important meeting and we are asking if you would send an email to the Wayne County Board of Supervisors requesting that they not support NYPA and oppose the wind turbines in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The Board will then vote to support or oppose this project based on the comment it receives. Please email a sentence or two and send to:

[email protected]

Some reasons for opposing this project are:

-Permanent loss of view shed

-Tremendous loss of property value and marketability

-Light trespassing or loss of darkness over the lakes from turbine blinking lights

-Nuisance of shuttering

-Nuisance of reflecting sunlight

-Nuisance of turbine noise plus it’s a known health hazard

-Negative implications for boaters and fishermen – their travel will be restricted in the areas were turbines are located

-Negative impact on tourism

-Avian and bat carnage that is certain to occur

-Winter ice will destroy the turbine structures. This project has never been attempted anywhere in freshwater in the world – we would be the guinea pigs in this expensive experiment

-Turbines will cause electromagnetic interference affecting TV, aircraft and boating communication '



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Stupid MORONS :@ They the DEC, can issue permits to rape the island pollute the water and kill BALD EAGLES?......WHY CAN'T THEY GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ALIMENTARY CANAL EXIT HOLES!!!!!!!!

and to think we would be put in jail for doing these things...heaven forbid we should shoot cormorants....IDIOTS!!!


good bye to all in offices who support this travesty.....donald duck, yogi bear, boo boo, and snaglepuss, and tweety, and sylvester and bugs bunny.....will probably cast votes too, I'll put ballots in for them :clap:

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