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Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

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Its all about money!! I mean I just got done reading an artical about the asian carp and how they are arguing over where or not to shut down the canal. And guess Who doesn't want them to close it yup the Obama administration and why because it'll effect shipping aka there money. Piont here is that really it doesn't matter what we want its all about what they want/can do to line there pockets and the bottom line is that we the sportsmen will have to pay for there mistakes just like all the invasive speaces that they have let get into our waters.

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I really can't understand how the politicians can allow a Spanish company (Iberdrola) to own power generation facilities in America . I have been told that National Grid's headquarters are in Great Britain . I would think power generation and delivery would come under national security and be looked after by homeland security. I guess the headlines I have been reading are true . The United States really is FOR SALE .

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Any of you guys get to voice opinions at “energy meetings†please make sure to ask about their decommissioning plans. (& funding for it) Life expectancy of turbines is only 20 yrs. This is what they’re stuck with on Big Hawaii Island. (built in 1989)


(look at the back row - no blades; rust on towers in front row; oil on two of the blades)

Tom B.


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I really can't understand how the politicians can allow a Spanish company (Iberdrola) to own power generation facilities in America . I have been told that National Grid's headquarters are in Great Britain . I would think power generation and delivery would come under national security and be looked after by homeland security. I guess the headlines I have been reading are true . The United States really is FOR SALE .

Why is that so amazing?? American companies own very many strategic assets in other countries.These companies are strong enough to change governments abroad.

It is only to expected that foreign companies do the same here.

The real question is not where the foreign company is based,it is who the real owners are.This may take you right back to American companies who figured out yet another way not to pay taxes.

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Any of you guys get to voice opinions at “energy meetings†please make sure to ask about their decommissioning plans. (& funding for it) Life expectancy of turbines is only 20 yrs. This is what they’re stuck with on Big Hawaii Island. (built in 1989)


(look at the back row - no blades; rust on towers in front row; oil on two of the blades)

Tom B.


You can bring that a lot closer to our own Hudson Valley which was poisoned with PCBs to the point where there is a sharp increase in all sorts of cancer along the Hudson river.

General Electric came, poisoned the land and abandoned it, leaving the local population to deal with the disastrous results of their presence.

Most of our politicians are interested in re-election,not in our well being.

Make sure that our politicians know that we will vote them out of office if they touch the lake.

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Pulled this from the watertown times! Maybe some good news!

Legislature opposed to wind farms in the lake






A wind power project on an island is OK, but turbines in the lake are not.

The Jefferson County Board of Legislators' Planning and Development Committee passed on Tuesday night a resolution opposing the New York Power Authority's plan to put a wind farm in Lake Ontario.

NYPA has asked for developers to submit proposals on building towers for up to 500 megawatts of wind power in possible sites in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

This action came two weeks after the legislators approved a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement for the proposed 252-megawatt Galloo Island Wind Farm.


"While I certainly intend to support it at the full board, my concern is our inconsistency in our message," Legislator Scott A. Gray, R-Watertown, said. Mr. Gray is not a member of the committee. "We're opposing a project with some of the very same things we approved a few weeks ago with the Galloo Island project."

The resolution included language that the NYPA project would hurt landowners, "including potential effects on real estate values, scenic vistas, and quality of life."

Chairman Barry M. Ormsby, R-Belleville, disagreed.

"The two projects, when compared side-by-side, are apples and oranges," he said. "One project is on a 2,200-acre island six-and-a-half miles offshore where 84 turbines will be confined."

He acknowledged that a certain section of the shoreline will see the turbines.

"But compared to the possible NYPA sites on the maps, you see a total littering of the Eastern basin from Tibbets Point to Mexico Bay," he said.

The six members of the committee at the meeting approved the resolution, which the full board will consider on March 2.

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The battle continues, and it does seem all those politicians have hit a BIG wall in getting the projects to go through. A huge plus for us who oppose the pinwheels!

I received this Email from one of my neighbors at the lakehouse and asked I pass it along to all of you. Mr. Aliasso is the real thing; he does not like the corruption, nor does he like the idea of property value decline, and destruction of environment and aesthetics. If you have an interest, donations requested will be used effectively and at "strategic targets", most bang for the buck.

Remember, if wind energy can be stopped, or reformed in Jefferson County, we will be saved a whole world of hurt on the lake.


Ladies and Gentlemen

We are at our next tee in the road, and have in front of us some of the biggest challenges yet. Galloo Island was a hard battle and relatively inexpensive in actual money invested by the Coalition. The Town of Henderson has invested US$100,000 for a lawsuit, and the Coalition collectively spent about US$15,000 in advertisements’. In doing the advertisements, we started to educate the public of the evils of all wind projects that are ready to attack our shorelines. We have advertisements’ ready to start and enrage the public on the inadequacies of the elected officials that allowing NYPA attack us, as well as on on-shore projects in the Cape and lower St. Lawrence River.

To do this, we need the same energy x2 we invested to oppose the Galloo Project. We will also require greater financial backing. I am asking each of you to dig deeply and donate US$10 to US$100 or more. I pledge to personally match the first US$1,000. I also ask other benefactors to step forward and also pledge matching donations. This is a long-road, and we have just started our journey – with increased awareness, and your continued support we will get to our destination. It is essentially important that each of you continue to educate the public, and our elected officials. Now more than ever, we need transparency, professionalism and factual discussion.

Thank you each for you continued support, and we hope we can count on you for financial backing as well.

Donations can be made by check, or online.


HHACC-EDC The Coalition

PO Box 468

Henderson Harbor, NY 13650


www.PreserveTheGoldenCrescent.com and follow instructions after selection the Contribute Tab (Green Icon upper right)

Thank you. Bob Ashodian – once the first US$1,000 is contributed from today, let me know, and I will hand deliver a check.

Rob Aliasso


The Coalition for the Preservation of the Golden Crescent and the 1000 Islands Region

[email protected]

Cell +1 (315) 771-9753

Home +1 (315) 938-7553


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Something that I don't think has been mentioned yet (I could be wrong) is that every specie in the lake depends upon the the nearshore habitat at some point in it's life cylce. (even the pelagic & benthic beasties) The U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973 protects them & their habitat.

We have a few Endangered, Threatened, Special Concern and Extirpated specie in Lake Ontario. Endangered: Pugnose Shiner, Round Whitefish, Sculpin; Threatened: LAKE STURGEON (remember the one the DEC netted during their Bass survey off Webster?) and Mooneye (the real Mooneye); Special concern: Black Redhorse; Extirpated: American Eel & Atlantic Salmon.

They're also listed in the Canadian equivalent law of 2007.

Tom B.


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Maybe some of us have seen this, I'm sure some haven't. I got this link through Billy V's blog spot on his website. Thanks Bill for posting the link on your website.

http://bewarenywind.blogspot.com/2009/1 ... d-for.html

Not only is the entire Mexico Bay basin in trouble, but various other areas on the Lake, including the Niagara Bar, the entire area From Braddocks to Webster. Sodus, and varios other spots. First alarm to me when I saw this is how does one set a footer/foundation for a 500 ft windmill in 15,000 years of river sediment???

I'm wondering how many other groups out there, like the Rochester Yacht Club, know how much lake they stand to loose?? I know we all at one point or another have had our problems with the blow boats, but we should consider getting them involved in the fight as well. I'm sure there are a lot of other Lake Ontario related groups that would love to join the fight.

They, who ever they is, say that there will be no exclusion zone. I doubt that, especially in the post 9-11 era. Even if they promised that in writing before hand, there is no way the Feds will let that fly.

For the same amount of money they will spend on this project, they could add on another nuclear reactor to 9 mile, and produce 10 times the amount of RELIABLE electricity.

Billy V I hope you don't mind me posting the link here. I just wanted all the guys here to be able to see where ALL of the proposed offshore wind projects are.

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It is my understanding that a license has already been granted to build a fourth nuclear reactor at Nine Mile Point. The only reason that I can see to build a windfarm on Lake O is to supply power downstate. The folks on the south shore of Long Island defeated a proposed off shore wind farm . They want the power without the turbines . Let us deal with the pollution both visual and material.

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I recieved this from Dave Turner of Oswego County a few days ago and I wanted to pass it along. It seems the Oswego County Legislature is looking at the turbine ban in the lake just like Jefferson County.


The resolution to NYS stating our opposition to windturbines will be on the agenda of the Oswego county legislature when they meet at 2:00 PM on March 11th. Persons who desire to be heard on this matter should plan to attend the meeting and sign-in on the sheet that references items on the agenda of the day. Please pass this on to those who care about this issue.



David Turner, Director

Comm. Dev., Tourism & Planning

Oswego County Office Bldg.

46 E. Bridge St.

Oswego, NY

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I received this letter from a contact I have who is following the windfarm projects very closely. He asked I post it here. This is a very good sign!!


Senators seek to block stimulus money for overseas

By FREDERIC J. FROMMER (AP) – March 3, 2010

WASHINGTON — A group of Democratic senators is urging the Obama

administration to suspend an economic stimulus program aimed at financing renewable

energy, complaining that money is going to projects that are creating jobs

in foreign countries.

The four senators, led by Chuck Schumer of New York, wrote to Treasury

Secretary Timothy Geithner on Tuesday to request a moratorium on the Recovery

Act program. They asked that the moratorium remain in place until they can

pass legislation mandating stimulus aid flow only to projects which

preserve and create U.S. jobs.

"A critical Recovery Act priority is investment in the domestic renewable

and clean energy industry, not investment in foreign manufacturers," the

senators wrote in the letter, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press. The

letter, which will be disclosed at a news conference Wednesday, was also

signed by Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania and Jon

Tester of Montana.

The lawmakers cited a report by the Investigative Reporting Workshop which

found that a majority of the program's grants went to foreign-owned

companies, and that a majority of the turbines purchased with the money were

built by foreign manufacturers.

"This is not the intended use of Recovery Act funds," they wrote.

A Treasury Department spokesman declined to comment Tuesday.

Dan Leistikow, a spokesman at the Energy Department, which was copied in

on the letter, said the program has helped put Americans to work, and said

it funds only projects built in the U.S. He added that the Recovery Act has

helped attract more than $10 billion of foreign investment into this

country's wind industry, including new manufacturing plants.

"It's the opposite of outsourcing, and we should encourage — not

discourage — those kinds of investments," Leistikow said.

While some of the grants go to foreign-owned companies, the administration

argues that more than half the components, measured by their value, are

built in this country and all the energy projects are installed in this


Last fall, a joint venture was announced involving China's Shenyang Power

Group, Cielo Wind Power LP of Austin, Texas, and a private equity firm,

U.S. Renewable Energy Group, to build a $1.5 billion Texas wind energy

project. Because the wind turbines are to be manufactured in China, Schumer wrote

to Energy Secretary Steven Chu last November urging him to reject federal

funding for the project.

"The idea that stimulus funds would be used to create jobs overseas is

quite troubling," Schumer wrote, "and, therefore, I urge you to reject any

request for stimulus money unless the high-value components, including the

wind turbines, are manufactured in the United States."

In response, Chu wrote that the program in question is "available to all

qualifying entities; it is not a discretionary grant program administered by

the Department of Energy." He also said all the money awarded from the

program helps put Americans to work.

"All of the wind turbine installation jobs are created here in America,"

Chu said.

On Tuesday, Walt Hornaday, president of Cielo Wind Power, said the company

has not yet applied for federal money. He said it is looking at several

federal grant programs, including one that would provide 30 percent of

approved costs, or around $450 million.

He took issue with Schumer's characterization of jobs, saying a majority

of those created for the project would be in the United States.

Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press.

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This will be interesting to see how Sen. Schumer impacts a program (Wind Turbines) nobody wants in their backyard.

If the politicians had stayed out of it in the first place NYC and the whole northeast would have all the hydro-electric power we could use for years to come and there would be no wind turbines in sight in New York.

Of course, Sen. Schumer has to take this action of money going to "foreign counties" otherwise it would give the people of NY a very valid argument to opt for imported hydro-electric power instead of wind turbines. However, with the local, state and federal politicians tripping over each other to get money from the windpower companies I doubt we will see the available hydro-power back in New York.

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Looks like you guys that fish the bar might get "$crewed" 2:

Niagara County demands fair bidding on wind power

Niagara legislators fear fix that would put project in Lake Erie, instead of Lake Ontario


Updated: March 03, 2010, 7:58 am /

Published: March 03, 2010, 7:58 am

LOCKPORT—The Niagara County Legislature, fearful that the fix is in on a billion-dollar Great Lakes wind power project, unanimously called Tuesday on the State Power Authority to conduct a fair bidding process.

The resolution grew out of an incident at a Power Authority event Wednesday in Buffalo, where D. Patrick Curley, an authority trustee from Orchard Park, said he was “looking forward to the offshore initiative in Lake Erie.â€

That didn’t suit Niagara County officials, who want the project in Lake Ontario.

“We want these kinds of statements to stop, because they serve no useful purpose. They undercut and undermine Niagara County’s ability to get anything done,†said Legislator Renae Kimble, D-Niagara Falls, who sponsored Tuesday’s resolution.

“I can assure the Niagara County Legislature that we are going to have a fair and open [request for proposals] process,†Richard M. Kessel, the Power Authority’s president and chief executive officer, said Tuesday night when reached by telephone.

“I was [at Wednesday’s meeting], and I spoke, and I clearly said ‘Lake Erie or Lake Ontario,’ †Kessel said.

Curley said he mentioned Lake Erie “because we were in Erie County where Lake Erie is, and we were not in Niagara County where Lake Ontario is.â€

He said it was just an oversight. “We had half a dozen charts in the front of the room, and we had Lake Erie next to Lake Ontario,†he said. “I don’t know why this Legislature has it in for the Power Authority, but there was never any intention to exclude Lake Ontario.â€

The event was geared toward companies that make wind power supplies. Majority Leader Richard E. Updegrove, R-Lockport, said several Niagara County officials attended the session.

“Niagara County is aggressively pursuing companies that are interested in windmills and wind power generation,†Updegrove said. “We were using that meeting to make contact with the very companies that manufacture the components for these windmills.â€

“I just hope that Richard Kessel and his team will get the message, do the right thing and play fair,†Kimble said.

“Ultimately the [request for proposals] process is going to look for the best project at the best site,†Kessel said. “If it’s in Lake Ontario, that’s great. If it’s in Lake Erie, that’s great. It could be in both places, and that’s a possibility.â€

Developers have a June deadline for submitting bids.

Tom B.


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This is very troubling . $450 million in Obama's stimulus money will go to a Chinese company to build wind turbines that will be used in the great lakes. This is just wrong ! The stimulus money is OUR money, donated by you and I in the form of taxes. To think that the money will be used to put chinese to work goes against the grain. This is a result of the panic that the power authorities are generating to get their agenda passed without a lot of scrutiny. We need a time out and slow things down so that all the options are on the table. Ther is NO reason that wind turbine's cannot be built in the US. Let the Chinese build plants in America to build turbines used in the states. I am still very much opposed to putting a wind farm on or in any of the Great Lakes, but I am afraid that alternative energy is needed and will be a fact of life in the future. We need to keep our collective eye on the progress of this change and fight for what we know is right.

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The stimulus money is OUR money, donated by you and I in the form of taxes. Sorry I dont agree!! A donation is done out of FREE will. Taxes are mandatory!!

Don't mean to beat you up Chinook 35 cause you are on the right track. It is our money and we do have as say in how it gets spent. If my wife spent money like that, she would be finding a new place to live, so send the Congress men and Representives an eviction notice. :yes::yes:

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This project called GLOW for Great Lakes Off Wind is huge and will devestate the entire eastern basin of the lake. I am working with Shawn Doyle and others to stop this. The chairman of the NYPA Richard Kessel has stated that if we do not want this they will go away. Unfortunately, in a meeting last week and subsequent e-mails with H. Douglas Barclay it is clear they are not planning to go away. RFP's are due back to the agency in June, before our summer customers and residents arrive. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2011.

Developers are right now working on their proposals. The agency does not require approvals from local municipalities because the State ownd the bottom of the lake

We need many people to show up on Tuesday at the Jefferson County Courthouse on Arsenal Street across from Stream International. The meeting starts at 7pm but we anticipate heavy union turnout to support the meager jobs this will bring to them. If you and your friends can make it you might help send a message to Albany. Come early and come strong.

We need contributions to continue television and radio ads. You can contribute $5.00 $20 or more at our website

http://www.preservethegoldencrescent.com This group is working with the newly formed Joint Commission to Protect Lake Ontario Communities comprised of goveernment, business and citizen leaders. All funds raised are directly used to inform the public of this outrage.


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Came across an interesting report – This is the recently released NYPA recommendation for turbines to windfarm developers as to site selection in Lake Ontario:

http://www.nypa.gov/NYPAwindpower/GLOWs ... ection.htm

Here are some interesting quotes & pix from it:

Further, this study revealed that roughly half the development potential exists at depths of water 100 feet or less.


a relatively conservative approach was assumed by spacing turbines 10 rotor diameters apart in all directions. For this study, a representative turbine with a rotor diameter of 100 m and a capacity rating of 3 MW was assumed.

This is their recomended configurations:


It also states in the report that 345 sq miles will be taken up by turbines. Vestas ( a major international mfg of turbines) recommends exclusion zones of 1200 ft around each turbine. Doing the math, that’s 345+ sq miles of water under 100 ft deep that fishermen & boaters won’t be allowed in. (that's more than 5 x 60 miles)

There is no reference or indication that they care about fishing, international treaties, Great Lakes restoration, or endangered marine life.

Here’s another interesting quote on how NYPA telling developers they can beat current law:

This analysis found that the opportunity to use existing vessels is hindered by the navigational restrictions of the Great Lakes, as well as provisions included in the Jones Act, which impose limitations on the use of foreign vessels in the U.S.……There is also the possibility that legislative regulations could be logistically circumvented so that existing foreign vessels can be utilized.

In order to beat the law, readers are referred to this link:

http://www.awstruewind.com/files/NYSERD ... an2010.pdf

which tells them that they can use US barges to haul blades & towers to the site then transfer them to a foreign ‘lift barge†for actual installation. There’s also a pretty good section describing the financial incentives, credits & subsidies they can get.

From this last link, here’s a couple interesting items: The NYSERDA Lake Ontario site recommendations (I folded page – 1st part on Lake Erie, so 2 points can be made & only use 1 scan) IE 45m or less, will need transmission lines extending inland, most attractive is East End and recomended pilot project (Oswego & Orleans counties)


2ndly:they state that local stakeholders will definitely be affected and urge developers to get locals involved favorably.

I urge anyone against these things to start & keep writing e mails to legislators.

Tom B.


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