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Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

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Maybe I have the wrong attitude towards wind turbines, but it cannot screw up the fishing anymore. Look at all the invasive species (especially the gobies) and the sharp decline on the smallmouth fishing over the last decade. At least with the turbines you will have structure to fish around.

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I just received an email from an Oswego County representative, and he stated that the plans he has seen for these turbines WILL have restrictions regarding fishing around them. He mentioned these restrictions will be a part of the Homeland Security office's duties and we will NOT be permitted to fish around the turbines. Not sure how close we can get to them, but he specifically said we will not be allowed near them, according to the proposed plans. He said it will be very similar to the restrictions placed on nuclear power plants.

Another thing he mentioned is that the Galloo Island plans are to run the power transmission lines through the water to Nine Mile.

Get your letters and emails into the local & state representatives' offices soon.

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What a joke. Terrorism on a stupid wind turbine? If some terrorist blows up a wind turbine, so what. It will not kill 1000's like a nuke plant.

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This is very much a Homeland Security issue. If Abdul blows up a turbine , some poor person in Southhampton may have to go a whole afternoon with NO ac.

Now that is a disaster! On a serious note , I belive they will have an exclusion zone to minimize the power authority's liability if someone gets hurt . Imagine someone snagging a cable with their anchor . That could make for a bad afternoon. This whole proposal is ill conceived . There is too much to lose on the great lakes to gamble with this kind of disaster in the making. Maybe the idea is to make the lake less valuable to the people that have cottages and businesses in the area, that way ,when they want to sell water to the people of CA there will be less oposition to that proposal . Not to mention the pressure to have ships discharge clean water from their ballast tanks will dissapear. Who will care ? Any politician that supports off shore wimd farms on the Great Lakes has lost my vote. Period.

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Snagging an anchor would definitely be an "electrifying" moment however so would snagging a cannonball or copper on a transmission line. Transmission lines will run from the mills to the substations on shore, so the exclusion zones just got a heck of a lot bigger.

BTW: GPS, VHF, compasses etc probably won't work near those lines.

Tom B.


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Like I've been saying since the very beginning of this thread: Write to your representatives and STOP these people from ruining what we have here. Everything about this proposed project smells rotten to me.

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I'd like to here from the sportsmen in the southern tier.How are the wind farms on the hills of the southern tier affecting the area? Are those areas closed to hunting or hiking,are all the cables under ground or laying around?Are they a benefit to the area? Lets here from you guys.

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I worked in a house today with about 10 guys in it and brought up the subject & most new little or nothing. A local polititian showed up , he's a lumber salesman & I asked him. He knew more than he let on I think . I told him it was a scam & not to be fooled by it . Told him of Lowville etc. He said he knew it would not make money but sounded like he was in favor of it. Probably promises of tax revenue , jobs, etc. This is why the word needs to get out now. Letter in ed page of D & C today.

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Here is a link to a website that is advertising heavily in the Watertown area ,on both TV and radio and printed media. I think that these are the people we need to get behind and support in every way possible. They seem to have a handle and an eye on this proposal. http://www.preservethegoldencrescent.com

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Latest information from my contact - the Con-Job is starting: :devil:

This would be the first time in recorded history that wind energy paid for itself AND improved the economy and jobs.


FYI----Gov & Sen. Aubertine are backing the wind plan for the lake!!!!!








> Plan Will Help Make Energy More Affordable, Reliable & Secure for New Yorkers


> Governor Paterson Announces Legislative and Action Agenda for Energy

> Policy in 2010


> Governor David A. Paterson today accepted the final 2009 State Energy

> Plan from the New York State Energy Planning Board. The Energy Plan

> provides a comprehensive blueprint for New York to continue to

> transition to a clean energy economy over a 10-year planning horizon,

> and is the first State energy plan since 2002. The transition to a

> clean energy economy is a core component of Governor Paterson’s New

> Economy Jobs Plan, and is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs

> in New York.


> Additionally, the recommendations and more specific action items in

> the Plan will make energy more reliable, secure and affordable for New

> Yorkers, address the threat of climate change and result in a cleaner

> environment.


> “New York will lead the nation in the clean energy economy, and this

> State Energy Plan will help us get there,†Governor Paterson said. “By

> adopting the recommendations of this plan, we will ensure that New

> Yorkers get energy that is more affordable and more reliable, and we

> will do it in a way that recognizes that the environment needs to be

> protected.â€


> Modeling performed for the Plan indicates that the New York economy

> would benefit by $2.60 for every dollar invested in electric

> efficiency investments, and that achieving the Governor’s goal of

> increasing energy efficiency 15 percent by 2015 would help reduce

> electric prices and provide aggregate retail bill savings of as much

> as $1.4 billion in 2015.


> The Plan identifies a number of specific policy initiatives that set

> forth a vision for a robust and innovative clean energy economy that

> will stimulate investment, create jobs and meet the energy needs of

> residents and businesses over the next ten years. The policy

> initiatives are organized by five overarching strategies:

> Continue to expand opportunities to improve energy efficiency – the

> cleanest, cheapest energy resource.

> Support the development of in-State energy supplies.

> Encourage investment in, and identify future needs for, energy infrastructure.

> Stimulate innovation in the clean energy economy and help the existing

> manufacturing base transition to low-carbon future.

> Improve coordination between the State, other governments, and communities.


> Among the specific initiatives that Governor Paterson will propose in

> 2010 include:

> Improving coordination and expanding energy efficiency and renewable

> energy programs across the State in support of the Governor’s ‘45 by

> 15’ clean energy goal.

> Submitting legislation that will establish a power plant siting

> process that will provide greater certainty to developers and greater

> opportunities for public involvement.

> Submitting legislation to establish a long-term Power for Jobs program

> and developing new selection criteria that encourage energy

> efficiency.

> Submitting legislation to “green†the State’s energy code and removing

> loopholes that have limited the code’s effectiveness.

> Developing procedures to assess and consider disproportionate

> environmental burdens from energy facilities in potential

> environmental justice areas.

> Submitting legislation to require disclosure of energy characteristics

> of buildings at the time of sale.

> Working with the New York Power Authority to procure another 100

> megawatts of solar energy statewide.

> Work with NYPA to bring to fruition an offshore wind project in the

> Great Lakes following the issuance of its RFP in December 2009.

> Work with LIPA to bring to fruition its utility-scale solar projects

> following its successful 50 MW solar RFP in 2009.

> Working with the Long Island Power Authority and the Long Island-New

> York City Offshore Wind Collaborative to issue a request for proposals

> for an offshore wind project off the coast of the Rockaways.

> Ensuring stringent environmental safeguards are in place for natural

> gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale gas reserves.

> Releasing a Climate Action Plan that will identify strategies to

> achieve an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas pollution by 2050.

> Establishing incentives to repower existing power plants to reduce

> emissions and increase power output.


> The complete 2009 State Energy Plan, which includes a detailed

> implementation table and 16 in-depth issue briefs and assessments, is

> available at http://www.nysenergyplan.com/.


> The Plan was prepared pursuant to Executive Order No. 2 issued by

> Governor Paterson in April 2008, and follows a 60-day public comment

> period and series of 9 hearings across the State to gain input on the

> draft Energy Plan that was released in August of this year.

> Significant feedback was provided by stakeholders; in total nearly 600

> comments were received.


> During the development of the Plan, the Governor signed legislation

> that statutorily establishes the State Energy Planning Board and calls

> on that Board to complete a new energy plan on or before March 15,

> 2013. However, the State Energy Planning Board that was created by

> Executive Order No. 2 shall exist until such time as the statutorily

> created Energy Planning Board begins its planning process for the 2013

> energy plan.


> Thomas Congdon, Governor Paterson’s Deputy Secretary for Energy and

> Chair of the State Energy Planning Board, said: “The 20-month planning

> process was as important as the Plan itself. The process was open and

> transparent and afforded hundreds of New Yorkers, organizations and

> businesses the opportunity to help shape the Plan. I wish to thank the

> members of the Board and their agencies, and all those that provided

> comments for their role in developing such a comprehensive and

> balanced piece of work. The result of this tremendous effort will

> benefit all New Yorkers.â€


> ###



> The following quotes were provided in support of the 2009 State Energy Plan:


> Senator Darrel J. Aubertine, Chair of the Senate Energy and

> Telecommunications Committee, said: “This State Energy Plan will

> provide the important framework to help New York establish itself as

> the nation’s leader in energy efficiency, development and independence

> for years to come. Our goal must be to provide reliable, affordable,

> clean and locally supplied energy to meet all of our needs, from

> business to residential. New York State’s future will depend on new

> energy sources, from a fourth nuclear reactor in Oswego County to

> agricultural sources, and efficiency, through weatherization and Smart

> Grid technologies, creating jobs that will also sustain our economy. I

> want to thank Governor Paterson, Deputy Secretary Tom Congdon and

> staff for giving all of us the opportunity to weigh in on this plan,

> holding the first hearing in Canton, and providing the leadership to

> make this a priority.â€


> Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Chair of the Assembly Energy Committee,

> said: “The completion of Governor Paterson’s State Energy Plan and the

> signing of the energy planning statute passed by the Legislature have

> put New York back in the driver’s seat when developing the policies

> that will guide the growth of the new energy economy. The plan’s focus

> on energy independence and economic security provides us with the

> foundation to build upon the significant progress we have made in the

> areas of energy efficiency, clean energy and workforce development. I

> commend the Governor and his staff for the hard work and time they put

> into this exhaustive effort and I look forward to working with them to

> ensure that it continues to evolve and grow.â€


> Francis J. Murray, President and CEO of the New York State Energy

> Research and Development Authority: “The State Energy Plan is concrete

> demonstration of Governor Paterson’s commitment to a comprehensive

> agenda of programs that will combat climate change and protect New

> York’s energy and environmental future. His approach of allowing

> government to be a catalyst for change, in partnership with the

> private sector and academia, lays the groundwork for building a model

> clean energy economy and implementing business and environmental

> practices that will benefit New York for decades to come.â€


> Richard M. Kessel, President and Chief Executive Officer of the New

> York Power Authority, said: “The State Energy Plan is the ‘greenprint’

> we need to advance New York State as a leader in the clean energy

> economy. Today marks a milestone in achieving a comprehensive and

> coordinated roadmap for future energy growth and investment. Under the

> leadership of Governor Paterson, the New York Power Authority will

> continue to develop projects that invest in critical infrastructure

> and clean energy, which will be the catalyst of New York’s economic

> recovery and resurgence.â€


> Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) President and CEO Kevin S. Law

> said: “I commend Governor Paterson for his bold energy plan, which

> will ensure that New York continues to supply reliable, safe, and

> affordable energy to its residents and businesses while establishing

> the goal for the state to meet 45 percent of its electricity needs

> through improved energy efficiency and renewable sources by the year

> 2015. As a member of the Governor’s Energy Task Force and Climate

> Action Council, I look forward to working with the Governor on LIPA’s

> groundbreaking energy initiatives such as LIPA’s 50 MW solar project,

> our Efficiency Long Island program, and our LI-NYC offshore wind

> project.â€


> Public Service Commission Chairman Garry Brown said: “The State Energy

> Plan provides an appropriate and much-needed look at the need for

> future electric and natural gas infrastructure improvements to ensure

> reliability. In addition, it emphasizes the value of strengthening

> energy efficiency efforts. These actions, among others suggested, will

> help ensure our citizens’ energy needs are met in a cost-effective,

> reliable, and sustainable manner. The Energy Plan offers a roadmap to

> help New York take control of its energy future.â€


> David Crane, President and Chief Executive Officer, NRG Energy, said:

> “It’s progressive, thoughtful leadership demonstrated by Governor

> David Paterson and Deputy Secretary for Energy Thomas Congdon that

> will help this country make meaningful changes to provide cleaner

> energy. This realistic statewide energy plan provides a solid

> foundation for meeting the state’s energy goals by advancing energy

> efficiency, supporting the development of in-state energy supplies and

> encouraging investment in energy infrastructure. NRG Energy is one of

> the largest power generators in the state, and we’re making

> investments in New York’s energy infrastructure that directly support

> the plan’s goals – repowering our Astoria facility in New York City

> with clean technology and developing emission-free offshore wind

> through NRG Bluewater Wind.â€

> Tom King, President of National Grid in the U.S., said: “This state

> energy plan is the result of a comprehensive and thoughtful process

> that will now provide New York utilities, and every New Yorker, with

> clear direction of what must be done to address our energy future. The

> plan’s commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency and a robust

> energy infrastructure, demonstrates Governor Paterson’s willingness to

> place New York among the nation’s leaders on energy policy and climate

> change.â€


> Kevin Burke, Chairman, President and CEO of Con Edison, said: “The

> Governor’s energy plan is a new milestone in our state’s effort to

> provide New Yorkers with clean and reliable energy for generations to

> come. Con Edison will work closely with the Governor, our legislative

> leaders and state agencies to achieve the overarching goals we all

> share: greenhouse gas reductions, cleaner air, more reliable power,

> smart grid expansion, and energy efficiency.â€


> Robert Catell, Chairman of the New York State Smart Grid Consortium,

> said: “I’d like to congratulate Governor Paterson and the State Energy

> Planning Board for this extraordinarily comprehensive State Energy

> Plan, and particularly its recognition of the energy, consumer and

> environmental benefits that can be achieved through smart grid

> technology investments. The Smart Grid Consortium stands ready to work

> with the Governor identifying opportunities for smart grid investment

> in New York. Investment in such technologies will help the State

> attract clean energy technology companies, empower customers to make

> wise energy decisions and enable our electric grid to interconnect

> renewable energy resources.â€


> Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of the Citizens Campaign for the

> Environment (CCE), said: “The NYS Energy Plan promotes the critical

> overarching goals of advancing and emphasizing energy efficiency,

> conservation and renewable technologies - this is the right strategy

> for New York’s sustainable energy future. Diversification of renewable

> technologies and efficiency practices are highly supported by New

> Yorkers who want cleaner, greener energy generation. Thousands of

> members of the public commented on this plan and we applaud Governor

> Paterson and his staff in their efforts to incorporate those comments.

> CCE is particularly pleased with the increase to the NY Renewable

> Portfolio Standard from 25% renewable electric generation to 30% by

> 2015 and the renewed emphasis on promoting Article X. We urge the PSC

> to adopt the 30% standard.â€


> Carol E. Murphy, Executive Director of the Alliance for Clean Energy

> (ACE) New York, said: “ACE NY commends the Planning Board for

> recognizing that New York must develop its existing renewable energy

> resources and use energy efficiently as possible if we are to reduce

> greenhouse gas emissions and ensure a secure, affordable energy supply

> for the future. We have already made great strides in developing a

> robust renewable energy portfolio and fully support the Governor’s ‘45

> by 15’ initiative and increasing the target goal of the Renewable

> Portfolio Standard (RPS) program to thirty percent.â€


> Steven Nadel, Executive Director of the American Council for an

> Energy-Efficient Economy, said: “New York State is again showing it is

> a leader on energy policy with the publication of its new statewide

> plan. The plan identifies energy efficiency as its first resource, and

> includes a variety of new policies, that when implemented will take

> energy efficiency in the state to the next level, saving consumers

> money and, since energy efficiency measures tend to be labor

> intensive, generating jobs.â€


> Sue Coakley, Executive Director of Northeast Energy Efficiency

> Partnerships (NEEP), said: “In adopting the State Energy Plan, the

> Board has endorsed the best means available by which New York can meet

> its growing energy needs, while also reducing carbon emissions,

> helping consumers, businesses and communities control their energy

> costs, and serving as an economic engine to grow a greener economy.

> Through our policy recommendations, technical assistance and

> longstanding regional collaborations with NYSERDA and the Long Island

> Power Authority, NEEP offers our support to help the state implement

> the plan to achieve lasting energy savings.â€


> David Bomke, Executive Director of the New York Energy Consumers

> Council, said: “We salute Governor Paterson and his administration for

> their commitment to developing a new energy plan for New York State.

> We particularly value the administration’s commitment to implementing

> an extraordinarily open and engaging process to secure comments and

> recommendations from a broad spectrum of New Yorkers. We are grateful

> that the final plan recognizes the urgency of energy efficiency

> practices and investments in eliminating energy waste and its economic

> and environmental burden on New York.â€


> Dr. Karin Ezbiansky Pavese, Vice President, Innovation and

> Sustainability of the New York Academy of Sciences, said: “New York is

> fortunate to have a State Energy Plan that establishes a long-term

> vision to guide the State’s investments in its innovation economy. We

> have top-tier universities, major corporate R&D facilities, a national

> lab, and numerous other renowned institutions that, if leveraged

> strategically, could propel the State to leadership in clean energy

> technology. By surrounding these institutions with a robust innovation

> system like the one laid out in the Energy Plan, we will move closer

> to creating solutions to our energy challenges, improving our

> environment, and fostering economic prosperity for New York State.

> Central to that progress is NYSERDA, which is and will continue to be

> a driving force for clean technology research and commercialization in

> New York.â€

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I never thought this would push through.......this isn't looking good. I hope they don't grease the NYS DEC into OK'ing this. I have to imagine that the NYS DEC and the Coast Guard would put a lot of resistance towards this. Poor Mexico area.....fishing is their ONLY source of income. Like Billy said above...it's time to speak up and don't be afraid to YELL.

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Exactly! Don't be afraid of these people! They are going to absolutely DESTROY what we have all come to enjoy and love to do on the lake. SPEAK UP!!! WRITE TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!! I continue to write, if not every day, but every other day, to the Oswego County and local state reps. Don't focus on just local...go to the state level, as well!

Be the squeaky wheel in this case! Squeak A LOT!!!!

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You might want to become a west end fisherman. They are gonna kill your area Brian! There are more fish over here anyway! I'll let you hang down here.

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Here's my letter: (feel free to copy/paste)

I’m writing to inform you that I and many Lake Ontario fishermen, boaters, property owners & environmentally conscious citizens are totally against locating offshore windfarms along the shores in Lake Ontario for which the NY Power Authority is currently seeking proposals. From aesthetic, ecological, recreational, and economic viewpoints this is not a good area to install turbines.

The Great Lakes were declared to be a national treasure (Presidential Exec. Order 13340 of May 18, 2004). They are a valuable freshwater resource that many governments, agencies, organizations and conservation groups have been trying to restore and protect, especially in this time of climate change that is seeing our freshwater ecology challenged and the world’s freshwater supply dwindle.

1. Aesthetically:

Windmills will be a clearly visible eyesore from all points on the south shore and higher buildings inland. There will be no hills or trees to hide them. Offshore windmills are larger than their land based cousins and will fill the 50 to 150 Ft of water band along the south and eastern shores. NYPA is seeking proposal for the construction of up to 500 Megawatts of electrical production. This will require 1,250 turbines rated for 1.6 MW each which operate at a typical 25% efficiency, worldwide. Rochester has plans to develop the harbor area for recreational purposes; Oswego and the Salmon River area have already become well known for their recreational activities especially the world class fishing and hatcheries there.

2. Ecologically:

The Rochester Embayment extends from Braddock’s Bay to Pultneyville from the shoreline out to over 200 ft of water. It has a thick sand and mud bottom due to thousands of years or erosion and is listed as a Class B Area of Concern by the U.S. EPA due to the sediments containing very high levels of heavy metals and phosphorous. Impairments listed by the USEPA include: restricted dredging; degradation of benthos; loss of fish and wildlife habitat; and beach closings, among others.

Foundations for offshore turbines are much larger than land based units as they also have to withstand water currents and wave action. Excavation for installation and decommissioning, (after only a 20 years life expectancy) offshore turbine towers and transmission lines will disrupt heavily polluted sediments that have settled to the bottom and are beginning to be covered by cleaner sediments from the last few years. The underwater currents and the natural gyre that travels from West to East in Lake Ontario will carry liberated pollutants and impair areas all along the southern shore and into the Thousand Islands.

Every aquatic life form in the Great Lakes is dependent upon the nearshore environment at some stage in their life, whether it’s zooplankton, prey or game fish. It is a very frail ecology, especially with the recent colonization of that zone by invasive species such as Zebra & Quagga mussels. Turbine foundations, interconnection and transmission lines will cause aquatic habitat fragmentation and disrupt nesting sites. Studies have shown that fish can sense and are affected by electromagnetic fields. The US Army Corps of Engineers is trying to stop another invasive species (Asian carp) from entering the Great Lakes at the Chicago Sanitary Canal with electricity.

Avian fatalities are also a major concern. Especially for migratory birds and water fowl that have established routes through the area to resting places such as at Braddock’s Bay, Irondequoit Bay, wetlands in the area, and even the Montezuma Wildlife Preserve.

3. Recreationally:

Boating collisions occur every year. The sought after proposal will add over 1000 more nautical obstacles for all types of watercraft.

Government agencies will create exclusion zones around the turbines and transmission lines for reasons of safety and national security. This will greatly reduce and partition the area where boaters and fishermen frequent.

4. Economically:

Effort by the Great Lakes states, US and Canadian governments and their agencies to restore fish populations and habitat has put money into the local economies. It has lead to the establishment of a documented $7 Billion/year Sportfishing industry on the Great Lakes. Windfarms will diminish this.

The Lowville windfarm is currently entering a legal battle with NYS as it was recently classified as a “shirt-changer.†Flat Rock/Maple Ridge did not create the additional jobs that its proponents claimed it would. Lewis County is only going to receive 25% of what of was projected for its 2010 budget from that windfarm project.

The view of the lake will be ruined and property taxes will be lost as values of the most valuable residential properties in the area will go down. People do not want to live with windmills in view, unless they are getting easement monies for turbines on their land. Individuals will not get easement money if the turbines are located offshore.

Electricity generated by wind is more expensive than other means due to construction, maintenance and transmission:

The Long Island PA (headed by Mr. Kessel) terminated the proposal for only 40 turbines in the Long Island Sound when they found out that re-bid construction costs would exceed initial estimates by $114M.

Access issues for servicing turbines will contribute to increased expenses of electricity. The waves on Lake Ontario are much steeper than on the Baltic where they acknowledge access issues with wave heights above 1 meter. (We have that frequently.) Additionally, although Lake Ontario doesn’t generally freeze over, the Welland Canal and the St Lawrence Seaway are closed over the winter and ports such as the Genesee River and Oswego do freeze over.

Site choices are based on average yearly wind speed and the day to day and even hourly winds are ignored. Lake Ontario sailors know how the winds suddenly changes in these areas. Brownouts & surges will become more frequent & severe as the area becomes more dependent on technology that is based upon our unpredictable weather. I.E. “Lake effectâ€. (Worldwide, without Lake effect, they only operate at 20-25% of name plate capacity.)

I urge you to say “NO†to windfarms on Lake Ontario. Although proponents claim “green†w.r.t. air, they casually brush off issues with water. Lake Ontario is too valuable a freshwater resource to risk.

Thank you,

As I said, feel free to copy/paste,

Tom B.


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. This is unfolding just as I thought it would. Sneak it in while no one is looking . Politics as usual . nice letter but it won't mean much without numbers(votes). Sounds like it might be to late but you never no ,got to act fast or get out the vaseline.

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Sent mine to Sen. Joe Griffo, got a canned response:

Thanks for your recent email.

My staff and I try to answer as many of these as possible, but the increasing volume of email and depending on the detail of your request or question, it can take a little bit of time.

I prioritize by first addressing those emailers who I represent in my district. If you don't reside in the Oneida, Lewis or the St. Lawrence county region, I'd ask that you contact your Senator who represents your home district first. If you're unsure which one does, you can go to www.senate.state.ny.us to find out.

If this is an urgent or timely issue, please call my office at 1(800)226-1558 during regular business hours.


Senator Joe Griffo

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Im suprised I have seen no lawn signs in oppsition to the wind farm. Makes me believe no one knows about this. A few signs along the lake and Im sure there would be outrage for this.

I did see the commercial for saving the golden cresent last night on YNN (rochester channel 14).

If anybody knows a sign maker who is a avid user of the lake, let them know.

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