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Happy B'day Ray K.

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To our favorite plumber – someone who really knows his cr@p.




(Cakes are becoming like a pair of pants – harder & harder to find one that fits….)


Happy Birthday ray.


Tom B.



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Happy B-Day RAY............

Since I will not see you, Please spank yourself....????.....


I bought you a gift.....  Ahhhh O.K.  it's DINO BITE for your hair balls....

Man this post is full of "in-you--end- oooohs"


Love Jerry

Rebel Charters (future employer of Ray Koziakozlowski ??? plumbing)


Sorry about the misspelling --it might be DINE O BITE

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Congrates on another trip around the sun Buffy boy! The sun don't shine in certain places so we know you were :mooning: by the tan line at the crack of dawn on yer passing of gas...I mean old fart passing the Sun on the anniversary of yer hatch day! May yer drains run free, yer plumbing stay leak free, and yer gas be natural and well regulated for many more decades to come! Now go comb yer fur up over yer butt and blow out yer candles...NO... NOT THAT WAY! Omganothershortfatbaldone!...poof!

Very bald! Love ya man!


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Wanna see :mooning:

Thank You Everyone ,nice immage on the cake Tom man i could dig into that in a second. Yup at 56 to some I sound old ,and to others im a whippersnapper. The bones need to be broke in every morning from all the "GOOD TIMES" throughout the years,and it seems like im forgetting more than im learning..the oll spintker muscles seem to find it more diffacult to decipher between gas,Liqueds,and solids. Now I know why undies are sold 6 at a time..another "WHY" question ansewrd..I hope to be able to bash my friends for many more years, share a tad of smarts i ant forgot yet..And spend some pricious time with those I've come to call FRIEND over the years...

Thanks Again

Hope This Helps

Ray K.

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