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Big BT at Shipbuilders

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We went 20 for 23 off Ship Builders today mostly small cookie cutter browns but 2 were around 8 lbs

Mixed bag caught a small skipper 3 lb King, a Steelhead about 5 lbs and 2 Atlantics.

All rods were firing, planers and riggers Apelina diamonds on the riggers and Thundersticks,Yozuri and bombers off boards

Hot lures of the day were Billy Baroo,metallic rainbow and silver purple

My buddy with an Atlantic


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Awesome fish old boy and congrats on the release I'm a catch and release guy myself. I get to head to new York Sunday for my first time ever fishing. My wife is retiring from the army at fort drum so we will be there ten days. So I get to do nothing but fish..:)

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