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Well I finally was able to pull the trigger on bone yesterday evening. Sat In the pissing rain in the morning with zero encounters. Headed out a little earlier then usually would this time of season in the afternoon , only because I wanted to try and sneak into an area on the property that I have yet to explore. There was TONS of fresh sign but was a lot more thick then I was hoping for. So rather than ruining a great night and great spot I backed out. Was planing on going to the closest stand near that area, but when I reached my truck I changed my mind and headed to a little secluded clover plot that we have been getting some pretty good action on the trail cams during the gun season. Once I climed in it was on! The deer were on there feet more then I've probably seen all season, also heard a ton of shooting in the distance. My head was on a swivel the whole time as deer just kept popping out. As I was watching a doe to my right I looked back left and at 20 yrds I see a deer that had caught my wind trying to sneak out undetected. On his way out he made a fatal mistake and turned right into to the biggest opening in the area. I had about 3 seconds to make a decision, stop him, and make the shot. And before I could blink it was over! He didn't drop right at the shot, So i backed to give him a little time even though I was very confident he was down. An hour later whent back in and found him piled up 40 yrds from where I shot him. Definitely not a monster by any means but a ton of hours, 2 Weeks of vacation time from work, the cost for the lease, the number of young bucks I passed on, and the last weekend of the regular season I finally had bone in my hands and couldn't be happier! Can't wait till Tuesday to get back out there and go after one of our big guys because now I want it even more!! post-148213-14179869207546_thumb.jpgpost-148213-1417986936819_thumb.jpgpost-148213-14179869647502_thumb.jpgpost-148213-14179869871075_thumb.jpgpost-148213-14179870135196_thumb.jpgpost-148213-14179870725719_thumb.jpg

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im so friggin old i thought yesterday was the last day of rifle ,so today i puttered around swapped barrels (encore) put a few rounds down the muzzy barrel,then realized i coulda hunted all day...oh my excuse is Fla. on my mind....not old age...again good job Jake,funny how those last min decisions sometimes pay off better than a  entire  planned season....thanks for the story also....

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