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20 pound fluorocarbon for Lake Erie and 30 pound fluorocarbon for Lake Ontario. Black with no snubbers. I paint the other dipseys with black spray paint in a can. The longest leaders possible, longer than the pole and as long as the boat where the rod is placed in a rod holder at the bow to net a fish. You may have to hand line your leader to get the fish to the net. Slide divers are a better deal but I have too many old divers in the boat.

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I've used slide divers w/ large rings for years. With no problems. You can set the lead to any length you want & when the fish hits the diver releases & slides down the line to the bead I place before the snap swivel. There are times when the fish are skittish we'll run 30-40" leads. Other times it doesn't matter. All you need is an additional 36-48" leader with snap swivels on both ends so the diver isn't bumping the fish in the nose. You do lose a little depth with the slide diver as it won't go as deep as the regular diver. I mostly use green & black.

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