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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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2 hours ago, Legacy said:

It's funny how quiet the woods gets half way through gun season. I think we have all tried to convince ourselves that the deer just left our zip code and must be in some secret spot somewhere miles away. A garden of eden, where deer hide until the day after the season. Then you show up to your spot with two day old snow and the deer tracks are endless. Now I have I have to convince myself all over again that deer do still live here. Literally ever where I look there is a set of tracks. Every possible deer trail has tracks on it zig zagging all around my stand. Maybe they are trying to tell me something. Like hey you, yeah you, go f yourself. Damn deer.
The tracks don't lie. I have have standing corn and they want to be here. I have the best food source that isn't buried under three inches of snow. For God sakes man show yourselves!!!

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Rob my old man used to say the deer go to the caves DEER CAVES the good lord opens these holes up in the ground opening morning at 5 am and all the deer run in the caves , closes and reopen the last day of gun ... I believe him , and  miss my hunting partner bad ... bring on late season 

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