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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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8 hours ago, HOLY DIVER said:



Just when you think it's never going to happen. I have been hunting hard and not seeing anything near a shooter .. a lot of 4 -6 hr sit with 0 deer . It gets discouraging and will break you if you let it.  Well tonight with heavy wind I decided to sit low on my clover plot 4 doe came out at 3:30 and ate there way to the top,  they got spooked and darted figured the caught my wind then I look up and see a buck nose to the ground backtracking the doe. He gave me a 60yd broadside shot and I dropped him dead in his tracks.  I dont feel so stupid for wasting time in a stand anymore.  I run 6 trail cams and never seen this buck. 

Got a 10 with bow and a 10 with the gun not breaking records books but by far my best season.  



Awesome, congrats!

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Did a walk around today on the property. Found some spots to put some food. And a few spots to sit. Saw 4 does looking for food. Also checked the camera i put on the edge, there is a lot of small bucks. One 1.5yr old 10 that should be a nice one in 2. Yrs! And this 10 hopefully ole man or cousin get an opportunity at him! I didnt even being a gun lol. 1128181034.jpeg

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Awesome bucks Holy Diver and Scobar!!!  I'm patiently waiting for December 10th to bust out the muzzleloader and my unused archery/muzzy buck tag for another chance at big one.  Lots of corn standing around the farm I hunt and the brassicas in my food plot are nice and green.  Should be a good late season.  

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November 28 pm

37 degrees
WNW wind 5-15 with gusts 20+
Wet snow/ sprinkles

Heard some early shooting between 3-330. Thought I was in store for some good movement but not really. Everything I saw tonight was after 430. 8-10 deer. Some chasing on the far end of the field. Tough to tell what anything was so close to dark.

About 5ish the coyotes sounded off. Yipping and howling. I don't remember another season with so many coyote sightings.


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Well. Finally come together after not seeing a tacked buck all gun season. Lucky enough to be able to hunt a standing bean field that the farm couldn’t get harvested. There had been couple nice bucks. Chasing does. In there the past week and after the snow. Last night I figured that’s the place to be. Seen first deer at 3 o the walk in. And then at 4 I see a doe running from the thicket to the beans. Watched her for about ten minutes and I looked to the east over hundred yards. I could se backof a deer just over ridge in the field. I pulled scope. Up as he lifted. His head and could see he was a shooter. I ranged. Him quick sitting at 308 yards and feeling comfortable with my rest and confidence in the gun I settled in on him and squeezed it off and there. He layed not. My biggest but first buck I have shot with the rifle and first buck in 3 yrs with gun nice 8 point Image1543455010.155486.jpgImage1543455066.639679.jpg

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