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Legacy -The 2019 Season-


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November 9 am
25 degrees
SW wind 5-15 mph

Cold and crunchy morning. Had my busy kid with me so that was great. He saw a bunch but needed just one more step from a buck to let an arrow fly. Not a crazy morning but saw a couple of young bucks. Back at it early this afternoon.

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:lol: I lucked out and it went better than I thought Billy. Congrats on that buck by the way. Between you and your son you had a great season:yes:

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I've been lurking from the beginning of this thread.
There were some really nice bucks taken.
Been out a few times this week morning and evening ,almost had it happen twice the same day on a nice buck but couldn't get a clear shot thru the brush .
Bucks were chasing does this week hard ,deer were running everywhere.
During the week my hunts were short, before and after work.
Today I had all morning to hunt, never saw a deer. Wtf. Really. Guess because its Saturday other guys were out on the other side of the property and changed things up.
One more week of archery here in pa.

Congrats on everybody getting deer,nympho, whaler,gill t, and all the rest.

Hey gill, what part of kansas are u?. I've hunt ed south central in the past. Got a good friend there.

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Funny you mention that! We have gutted three deer in the same part of the yard. Last two times the pile was gone almost immediately.
When I gutted my deer yesterday we put a camera on it. Will pull the chip tomorrow.
We don’t usually put a roadkill outback until after gun season. Tempted to do it earlier this year.

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