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Legacy -The 2019 Season-


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Was 14 degrees in 9Y today at:5:30 this morming.  Ground had been soaked and now it had frozen. I was sure I would never see a deer because every step I took walking to my stand sounded like it would carry a 1/4 mile. I convinced myself  that since I had gotten up and made it this far  to get my stand as quickly as I could.  I got there  and it was still dark.  As soon as it got light enough to see, I saw deer running in the field past the edge of the woods. This was the one time I forgot my binoculars and  everything was at least 200 yards out.  I told myself a buck would have his head to the ground sniffing and not eating like the does, so I thought I saw a couple bucks. At 6:55 I see a deer hugging the treeline and it stops at corner of field closest to me. Another deer from middle of field runs towards it. So I thought first deer might be a doe and a buck was coming to check it out. When the second deer got close to the first one he started to posture up.  I said hah that first deer must be a buck.  They started to spar lightly and I thought I was going to see my first buck fight.  The second deer decided to head back the way he came and the first one stayed in the wood line and started walking to in my direction. I had already ranged that corner of the woods and field at 45 yards  and this buck was staying in the woods and coming closer quickly.  I picked him up in scope of my crossbow and when he got broadside at 20 yards.  I sent a rage hyperdermic at spot right behind his shoulder. he jumped and ran out into field and back towards the woods. It was open enough that I saw him fall and start kicking in the air.  7:05 and I had my biggest buck ever down.  I have seen bigger but buck fever has gotten the best of me til now.  My stand was in the  tallest of these pines.  Landowner had a trail cam picture of him and another one about the same size but with bigger brows.






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November 9 pm
39 degrees
SW wind 5-10
Party sunny

Long afternoon sit. Unfortunately I didn't see my first deer until 445. Saw a dozen does and fawns but only one buck. He was a good one. He literally walk out of the woods, across the field, scent checked a doe, and looped back to the woods. He acted like a perfect gentleman. I found it very interesting that the doe didn't mind his presence at all.

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