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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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Fresh four wheeler tracks at one of the leases. If it’s the blue one, guy we have pics of from last year, and personal contact this year, it’s on. Guy seems to think he has as much of a right to the property as we do.

Pulling a couple chips soon, curious to see if we have a clear pic.

I hope we do.




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December 19 pm
37 degrees
SE wind 5-15 mph
Cloudy skies

Back at it this afternoon. With the SE wind I elected to change up where we have been hunting from the ground and sat on the opposite side of the field. Deer movement has been pretty late and today wasn't any different. First deer of the day was a tiny buck that walked right by us. Second deer of the day was that stud 8 pt that we keep seeing but unfortunately he was on the other end of the field. After that does started pouring out into the field.

I saw some deer in the adjacent field so I put the binocs on them and realized one was a decent buck. I sent my kid on a mission to cut across the field and sneak up on them through the hedgerow. Well surprisingly he got within range and took a shot but missed clean. Ugh.

Three days to go.

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I finally took my first deer with the muzzleloader. After missing 3/4 of gun season due to Covid I finally started feeling better last week and I did a couple sets at the Farm at home with nothing to show for it.


This morning I headed south and met the guys from Camp. We kicked up a couple doe and a small buck at two pieces of state land. Then at 3 o’clock we moved to another small piece of state land and at 3:45 I was able to take my buck at 90 yards.


It was a dead center shoulder hit he ran close to 200 yards and I only had two drops of blood the entire way. If it wasn’t for snow on the ground and being able to follow his tracks I never would’ve found him




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