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Another 8-point with a ST


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Sometimes you just stupid into them...this guy wandered in within five minutes of me being in the stand. If I'd been ten minutes later I would have had the local farmer plowing less than 60 yards away. Go figure. Timing is everything.

The ST blew through the heart and buried itself in the ground (lots of angle on the shot).

The only disappointment is that I didn't have my daughter in the stand with me. She hunted Sunday and Monday, and we passed on some smaller bucks, but she wasn't able to go Wed. nite.



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Hey Scott,

I'm going to guess that Hambley tattled...either that, or you're really, really good ;)

Had another nice eight in front of my daughter this morning from the ground at ~23 yards. Might have been a shooter if the tag was still open. I also flubbed a doe on a sneak at the edge of the corn; funny that I'm always telling her to be quiet, then I step in a hole during a stalk and just about fall over. At least she got to laugh at the old man.

It seems like the bucks are rip snorting ready right now. I think they'd chase their own tails if it smelled like doe. Hopefully this is just the first wave.

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