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Legacy- 2016 Deer Season


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Ok same stand tonight as yesterday.

Doe start filtering out into the field at 4:10. At 4:40 I'm counting doe 8 then 9 and 10 show up as I'm looking at number 10 through the bino's a giant buck enters the field.

He hugs the far edge and I stand and get ready. I have to pick a shot through the branches of the trees on the field edge again. I look to have a clear shot at about 160 yds.

I fire and he still standing fire again and I think I hit him still in the field deer scattering every where but he still there fire a 3rd shot he gets to the edge of the field near some swale grass that I had ranged at 175 yds and I fire a 4th shot and he stops in the grass leaving the field and at the shot his tail goes straight up and starts flickering back and forth very fast.

He looked like he went down just into the grass exiting the field.

I immediately get down and back out get to my jeep and drive to my cousins across the road.

20-30 minutes pass and we head over in his UTV to go look for him.

As we get to the spot where the buck exited the field I think I here a deer jump up. I tell my cousin turn of the UTV and then silence. We look for blood but fine none. I go into the area the I think the deer would be dead and find zero.We search around but its dark and find zero, We get into the UTV and drive around the circular horse track looking for sign and again zero.

I'm thinking I missed but back to the spot I think the deer exited and follow a trail a few yds and find a spot of blood. Then we get the big light and find another bigger spot of coagulated bright blood. We then find a bed right where I though I heard the deer jump from.The deer bedded less then 20 yds from where he exited.

We found some more blood and saw which way it was headed, into some tall swale grass and thick pines so we backed out and will return tomorrow morning to look for him.

Between the tail flicker and a huge buck bedding less than 20 yds from the hit I thinking he has to be hit hard and hurting...either my season will end in a blaze of glory or I'll top of the worst run of luck I've ever had

This might get some people mad and I don't really care. But last I knew sunset last night was 435 pm. I could be wrong but look. Hopefully u tried to type 435 and not 440.

Just saying......

Nice buck if was before sunset.

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That's a lot of congratulating from a lot unexpected people. Don't support poachers. Be sportsman and read the book and follow.

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Agreed 4:35 was sunset. Ny state law sunrise to sunset. Hopefully he really was meaning 4:35 not 4:40

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