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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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October 25 pm
50 degrees
Partly cloudy ENE wind 5-15

What a sit! I can honestly tonight was the best hunt I have ever had (of course besides any hunt that was a success) in all my years hunting. Absolutely covered in deer. I'm guessing I saw close to 50 deer tonight. At one point I could count 35 in the field. Countless chasing. And not just bumping and scent checking. Sparring, scraping, rubbing. All the fun stuff that bucks do. I saw ten bucks including four shooters tonight (3 for sure and one possible). I'll say it again, what an amazing sit!


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Tough weekend for us. One deer in cut bean field at 620 am on my walk in, too dark to see what it was. Perfect conditions but no movement. All cameras have been dead including nighttime movement. Rain here for next two days ....

‘Bout Time

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Just got done moving a couple stands. One i moved to the tree to the 12 feet to right of where it was. I felt deer were picking me out of the tree so hopefully moving it to the side I wont be as noticeable. The other stand i just rotated in the same tree about 45 degrees. I wanted a better line of sight over my left shoulder. 

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8 minutes ago, Gator said:

I drilled two eyeholes through the tree so I can peek around to the other side without getting caught.


lol. I need a rear view mirror!

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8 minutes ago, machzrcr said:

Finally got a daytime pic of the buck i am chasing after 2 years. first picture we have ever got in the day. And i have to work tonight emoji24.pngemoji24.pngemoji24.png looks like im not getting sleep tomorrow after work.

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I'm sure there are a number of people on here that would be willing to cover the stand for you!

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