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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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Something interesting. Now 1st week Nov everyone knows is good. First week of december bucks were chasing does. Now first week of january. Buddy had a big buck chasing a fawn in his backyard this morning and I got 2 different sets of bucks locked together. 59282.jpeg59435.jpeg59436.jpeg

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Every year, I seem to get pictures of little bucks sparring until their antlers fall off. They must figure, if you got them, use them. Their annual appointment with the deer-equivalent of "Dr. Snip" is coming soon enough.


And Rob, much as a I feel for you, and I've been there too, I think you've got to look at it as fifteen+ years of being blessed. But it sure does suck in the moment.

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I live in the northern zone. I get deer in my backyard occasionally. I had 2 doe and a fawn go through early this morning. The one doe was flicking her tail a lot. She went up to an overhanging branch and rubbed her face on it. 10 minutes later I had 3 bucks go through end to end! The biggest of the 3 checked that branch. It looked like full rut here the way those bucks were cruising. 2 years ago I had some video on one of my trail cams with 2 bucks chasing a doe this same week.



Update - make that 4 bucks. Just had an 8 point go through with one side dropped.

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With football on and heavy winds messing with the Niagara, it was a good day to pull my bow kill out of the ground and have a boil and bleach. 


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