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Legacy -The 2023 Deer Season-


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Halloween am

L31 H45

SW wind 5-10 mph

Cloudy skies


Well the kid got it done this morning and punched his buck tag. Long story short. My kid has been back in the game this year and seems to have the itch to be in the deer woods again. Last week he punched a doe tag and just a few days ago he passed a small buck. We have been talking back and forth where/when he should be hunting. With this cold front coming through I told him starting Tuesday (today) he needed to switch to and hunt the mornings. Afternoons are still ok but mornings are a priority. Yesterday he asked where he should be and I'm glad he listened. 

He text me this morning and said "big buck" and then immediately followed up with a phone call from the tree stand. 

He said he could hear a buck grunting but couldnt see it. He grabbed his grunt call and grunted back a few times. 20 minutes later this stud buck shows up 10 yards to his right. The buck was spooky and he thinks it spotted him in the tree. Rather then continuing to walk by him the deer turned 90 degrees and walked broadside in front of him. He was about 20-25 yards in the thick stuff on a good pace. My kid tried to stop him with a mouth grunt. Braappp. But the deer kept walking so my kid took a moving shot and shot under him. He said he was shaking when he took the shot and he was pissed that he missed. Luckily for him the buck didn't know what even occurred. He jumped about 10 feet and stopped. My kid quickly knocked an arrow, drew, and shot again. About 10 minutes went by and that's when he text me and then called. He had no idea where or even if he hit the deer. He quickly found his first arrow (lighted nock) but couldn't find his other arrow. I told him to back out quietly and call me. We decided without a lot of info to go off of that we would wait until noon and go back in. He shot at 9am so I figured 3 plus hours would be good. 

We met at noon and walked back to the scene. We walked through the scenario. Shot windows, direction of travel, etc. We looked for about an hour without any blood and the arrow. We were now in grid search mode. My kid said the deer crossed the mowed trail but he never saw him in the woods after that. I thought that was strange. So I started to think the deer turned 90 degrees when he entered the other woods and went directly away from him and thats why he never saw him. We started grid searching in that direction and boom there he was. 60 yards from the tree stand laying in the thick stuff.

After a series of high fives and some quick pictures it was time for an autopsy. Single lung and center punch on the liver. Dead deer... Didn't go 60 yards! His best buck and hes happy as hell to do it with the bow!

Proud Dad moment!!!










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Bucks have been moving like crazy since about midnight. Below freezing temps, light NW winds, and cloudy skies this morning. Good luck boys... sounds like a recipe for success today!

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On 11/1/2023 at 6:29 PM, fisherman21 said:

If anyone shoots a 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 yo buck this year and doesn’t want the cape, I would be very appreciative to pick it up from you. I’m looking to use it for a shoulder mount taxidermy project I’m working on

 Dang wish I logged on yesterday.  I am not getting my buck mounted this year and called my taxidermist to see if he wanted the cape and he had a few extra so he was good. So I cut  him to do a euro!  😐.  

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8 different bucks on camera since 430 am this morning (630 now). 1 mature, 2 2.5 year olds, and a pile of first racks. Weather conditions look great this am! Good luck out there.

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