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Last Day Buck


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Well its been a long gun season waiting to see the big boys show themselves. We knew they were around, as the trail camera and close encounters during archery season proved.

We left a small field until today to push and well, it worked.


My dad meandered his way through the field and I was posted in an adjacent field. I heard one branch break and turned around to see a long G-2, a nose, a butt and 4 feet 20 yards directly behind me. I pulled the gun up found a baseball size hole on his neck and pulled the trigger (not the shot I wanted but the only chance I was gonna get.). He dropped like a rock and didn't move. I knew it was a decent buck but the brush was so thick I didn't know just how decent. Dad made his way up to me and what a surprise we got. He had him at 30 yards in the same stand on Halloween with the bow but couldn't get a shot.

We aged him at 3 1/2 years old and he dressed out at 172 Lbs.


All and all it was a great way to end a long season and hope to tag another with the muzzleloader this week.

Good luck to everyone this week!


post-147493-0-31539700-1417997125_thumb.jpg post-147493-0-92619600-1417997138_thumb.jpgpost-147493-0-72369700-1417998491_thumb.jpg

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