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Legacy- 2016 Deer Season


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I hear ya on the tension of a no blood track job...never a fun night!  Had my own last night as well.  Shot a big doe at 30 yards just before the end of shooting light.  Knew I put a good shot on her, and was able to recover the arrow right where I shot her...clean pass thru.  Plenty of blood on the arrow and some in the field, but couldn't find any where she went into the woods.  My son and I looked in the woods for over an hour without spotting any blood whatsoever.  I thought I heard her crash, but couldn't find her anywhere.  Decided to leave her overnight and come back this morning...which was nerve racking given I could hear 'yotes in the woods howling before we even left.  


Went back this morning, still couldn't find any blood anywhere.  Started looking around where I thought I heard her crash...and there she was.  No more than 50-60 yards from where she was shot.  Luckily no 'yote damage, and found the reason for lack of blood.  Perfect entry hole, hit both lungs, but when the Rage came out, it brought some of the intestines with it, which was clogging up the exit hole.  Luckily no nasty stuff inside, and meat looks like it'll be good to go...thank goodness for the cold night!



Next time this happens, take a deep breath and walk in reverse back from where you found the deer to your shooting spot. I guarantee you will find blood, hairs, tracks, etc. It will make you a better tracker for the next time.


Congrats on your deer and the discipline that you had to go back and search until you found her!!

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Lots of flatheads moving last night with a couple small bucks acting squirrelly. And I got to watch a flock of turkey go to roost about 70 yards from me. Hot, but it didn't seem to matter. 

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