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Legacy- 2016 Deer Season

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Man if I only had neighbors like that :(

That is really cool if you do get to harvest it this year you should share your story and pix series with the DEC maybe they can publish it in next year's guide book. that's a great example of let them grow if you want bigger bucks.


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Only had a few doe come into the plot last night. I think the wind may have hade them tied up a bit. Maybe try again tonight but the wind conditions are going to be strong again. As for killing that deer I will have to wait and see if I can put my own eyes him. Both deer are 3 1/2 that I have on camera and that is where I set my bar at a few seasons ago. It's very hard to let a 3 1/2 walk where I hunt! I feel if you can take that caliber of a deer consistently in my area you are doing pretty damn good. Although the big 8 my wife named "Ocho" is the one i am truely after! Let's just hope one wants to play.

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Three years ago now I noticed a young doe with a busted ankle/fetlock.  She couldn't put any weight on it and it looked like bone was showing.  It was literally flopping around.  Right about this time of year.  Figured she was a goner.  Didn't stray far from the house and was alone, couldn't keep up with the others.  By spring she was hobbling around a little with a bad limp and a wicked bend in her leg.  Lots of bone growth on both sides of the joint.  Still didn't think she'd make it.  


Last year she had a fawn and was running with the crowd again.  Kind of bummed when I saw the fawn on the side of the road.  This year though she had twins and the limp is almost completely gone. Still has a wicked bend in the leg and there isn't as much muscle on that hip but she did an amazing job of recovering.  I've had a lot of knee problems and probably because of that really found myself identifying with the doe.  Life finds a way.

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