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Cayuga Cayuga browns

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It has to be a sight to see right now.  Do the landlocks run up there too?

I couldn't find a silver fish trolling today so most must be moving into shallow water.   Worked the same area (80-200 fow) as last week on the West side South of Sheldrake.  Screen showed significantly fewer fish despite bait pods.  Picked up only 1 just before reaching Taughannock.  Worked North on the East side and found 4 more.  All lake trout, some looked about to burst as bloated with eggs.  3 took flies on dipsey close to the bottom in 100-130fow.  Other 2 took spoons when ball bouncing.   

Next few weeks might make for some challenging fishing while spawning is on.

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Anyone know why they won’t let those fish in the creek in the fall?  I thought the weir/fish ladder was for lamprey control and lampreys spawn in the spring?


anyway got the boat out for the last trip today.  My buddy and I did 2 nice rainbows, 3 lakers, and a couple dink landlocks between Myers point and Taughannock on the east side.  Started the morning down in Ithaca and got no bites down there....tons of bait marked all day.

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37 minutes ago, Trouthunter said:

I wish you fishermen would know what you are catching as you maybe taking fish that are not legal


That is not always true. I didnt have to worry about ID for this one as after winning a lengthy battle I knew regardless of species, it was plenty big enough to go in the box!


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They do let fish up past the ladder. If no one is going to be running it they just bypass it. Not sure if they do anything in the fall or not but back in high school I worked there a few days through a school program. It was very cool. Any trout that go up the ladder get hung up in a waiting pool. Every day we went in there we would net the trout put em in a tub and sprinkle this powder they called "angel dust" on top of water. Within seconds tge fish was floating belly up. We would measure gurth length and weight and document male/female. Biggest fish in 3 days i was there was a 13lb 4 oz female bow. You don't see too many rainbows that big anymore!  This was '93-'94. 


Salmon creek whenever there's enough water also gets loaded

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