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Yankee in the ROC 4/1 & 4/2 - First King

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April 1st Afternoon


We ran an afternoon charter, and fished from the Genesee River to Braddock’s. The bites came in groups. We did some great numbers, but still lacked in the size department. Our Bay Rats were going well in My Secret and Yankee Troller. We also had black and silver Smithwicks firing. We worked 8-12’ of water all night and there was great color in there.






April 2nd


Another great trip today! We worked the inside waters and picked away at the Brown Trout from teh ponds to Braddocks. They really liked the Bay Rat Yankee Troller and My Secret again today. Mid morning we were rewarded with our first Salmon of the season. It took a Storm Jr Thunderstick off the planer board in 12’ of water.


Later in the day we slid out to 20-30’ of water. Out there we lost our second Salmon of the morning on a Chinook Diver pulling a Watermelon Stinger. It in that water we also did a bunch of Lake Trout and small Brown Trout.





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How far out was your diver in 30 fow????


We zig zagged from 20-35' from Braddocks back to the Genny. I was constantly playing with how much line was out. We saw about a 2:1 dive ratio with those Chinook divers. Bruce, from Hooked Up, was having a pretty good day on them and told us to put them in the water. A few times they would tick bottom once or twice and then get smashed. The Lakers were typical Lake Trout hits, but the King that nailed the diver took right off. I was one handed in a bucket relieving some of the mornings coffee. Talk about what do you do! Finish or grab another rod? Hmmmm


By the way the guys with the ugly mugs in the pics above are LOU members. They were a great couple of guys (even though they are Pennsyltuckians), and I hope they caught enough fish for one weekend! LOL

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Soon as the King hit, the storm came on like someone flipped a switch. Great boat control by Craig, and fine rod handling,by Ray!  Lot's of prayers from the rest of us! Hats of to the 5 star team of the Yankee Troller!  Best trip EVER!!!!!!

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