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Proud Daddy Moment

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I was up in the 1000 Islands last week for a quick trip - didn't get to fish much but did have a chance to sneak out for a couple hours.  Got to take the family and grandparents out fishing with me.  It was pretty cool getting to fish with both my dad and my daughter on the same trip.  Ended up boating a couple nice muskies but my 3-year old daughter stole the show when she landed her first ever musky!  I hooked the fish, adjusted drag slightly and handed the rod over to Charlotte.  She laid rod flat on gun rail of boat and cranked her trophy in.  She got to catch the first ski’ of her life and was soooooo happy!  Proud daddy moment there :yes:


If you look close in the picture, you can see 1.) the diaper I changed on my other daughter 2 casts before catching that musky ;) and 2.)  A lamprey that was on the fish.  This was the first ever lamprey I've seen on a musky before.


A quick picture and Charlotte helped me release the fish.  The fish kicked hard away and splashed us both.  My daughter now calls all fish larger than a sunfish a "Muskie".  We will work more on species identification once she turns 4 years old :lol:  




– Chad

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It cracks me up that you always point out the dirty diaper...must be a dad thing as I never would have noticed unless you told me.  Congrats to both you and Charlotte on one of yours (and hers) most memorable musky moments!



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Congrats to her Chad, and like mentioned time & time again after that fish you might have to change her diaper again or your shorts LOL what a accomplishment at her age to be on the big guys board of ski's landed, bet that made some guys rub their chins!!

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