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10.7 lb spawned out

Kevin J Legg

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Heard a guy at the launch today before we went out say his biggest mistake yesterday was that he got hooked on the pattern from the day before. Couldn't haven more true for us. What worked yesterday was only ho hum today. Changed things up, different depths and flouro colors today vs natural and high yesterday. Don't get lazy was the rule.


Man there's a lot of floating debris...from nuisance stuff right up to major damage makers.. Use your heads if the wind comes up. We had a debris field move out onto us that ultimately sent us in.


 Kevin didn't mention was how careful I was with the net today!

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That's amazing Kevin, when we went out to the western basin of Erie about 1/2 way through our trip there was the  hugest mayfly hatch I ever saw of any type hatch, the next day it looked like it snowed. We were doing crazy good with the eyes till the mayfly hatch you couldn't buy a hit. Out there they have a Mayfly rig or a weight foreward rig shy of a 1/2 stick of dynamite you weren't getting bit. The locals said it will be a week or better till there ready to feed again. So I don't doubt they were full of flys. Either way damn good job.

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