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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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Nothing for me in 8F except cold wind in my face .....

I did have a 3 year old 8pt last night come into the “can” call but hung up around 40 yards before taking off when the wind swirled

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It's 57 degrees out.

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So, the last 24 hours are worth a story. It started yesterday evening, as I was hunting with a friend on his property near the Genny in Scottsville. I didn't like the wind in the stand where I first set up, so I decided to relocate. As I approached the field, I saw a big doe feeding in the path. So I got on my belly and used a small knoll to make a sneak. I came up at full draw about 25 yards from her and let fly. Kerthunk. Good hit.


After 45 minutes, I went over to where I'd shot her, found blood, and started my track. She went through the field, into the woods, down my buddy's canoe launch, and into the river!! Never stopped, and no recovery possible. It was less than 80 yards to the river, so it wasn't like she made it too far. Just far enough. And so I lost one in a way that I've never lost one before and probably never will again.


Onto today. I was hunting with Brian at my place before work, and around 8 am I got out of the stand to start my walk back to the truck. Lo and behold, I see a small four chasing a doe, and it's heading for Brian. So I step into the edge of a thicket and wait to see if he texts me that he'd shot. Well, I guess the doe circled back around, because next thing I know, she's cruising by me at mach 10.  And along comes a buck behind her, straight at me! He wasn't a four, he was a shooter, so I came to full draw. At ~15 yards I guess he saw me and canted to the side, giving me a quartering toward shot. I let fly and saw the arrow penetrate mid chest, but only half way. I carefully marked where I'd last seen him and began searching for blood, but only within the first thirty yards. No blood. Except on the broken half of the arrow, which I found. Knowing that I'd be a fool to push him without a blood trail, I went into work and came back to the woods around 1 pm with Pequod to help me.


Upon getting back to the woods, we went to where I'd seen him last. Still no blood. So, I used my Navionics app to draw a line from where I'd shot to where I last saw him, then continued in a straight line into the thick stuff. And luckily I found him dead 40 yards in, with a clean liver hit and a chest full of blood. But there was not a drop of blood on the ground until we came upon him. 


Interestingly, I'd had a similar encounter with this beast last year. He was chasing a doe and stepped into a lane with me on the ground. Except that when he saw me, he stomped, growled, and took two steps toward me. I crapped my pants, let down from full-draw, and started waving my hands at him, shouting and trying to seem big. He was laughing then, but I'm laughing now. The picture from last year was taken by a trail camera 45 minutes and 150 yards from our encounter. The other picture is this afternoon. And that's my story. I need to hunt from the ground more often.





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Great buck!!!! Sat all day, nothing from 930-330, then saw a 1.5 yr old cruising, 2.5 yr old cruising, both with noses to ground, and a small 1.5 yr old just walking around. Had him at 10 yards, have seen this little 3 times in last 5 days. Chasing is deff going on in 8j!!!!

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