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That what it looks like but this is Seneca lake and to my knowledge there was no steelhead in this lake and the normal rainbows I catch have color this looks more like the other salmon I have caught in the past as it has no color, forked tail and small black specs

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Rainbows can vary in color. That’s a nice chromer you have there!

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Rainbow trout without a doubt:smile: Those Riviera downriggers sure bring back some memories....

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20 minutes ago, sawbelliesam said:

Shaped like a rainbow, head like a rainbow, but the tail looks a little to forked, and I'm not seeing any spots on the tail, even with a magnifying glass. Does have a lamprey scare though.

Might need a new video card, magnifying glass  or monitor if on a computer as the spots are very apparent on the tail:lol:

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While I had no question at first glance and less question at zoom in I'll add some Rainbowimages via the good old google fact check.  Square tail on a rainbow.....younger rainbow isn't a sure thing.  lake oriented rainbows are very silvery and don't necessarily have the traditional stream rainbow look.






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Salmon will have black x shaped spots on their body but not on their fins whereas rainbows will have small black spots on their body as well as on their tail, dorsal and adipose fins.


You'll want to know the difference because it may cost you a ticket on Cayuga Lake.

Rainbows - 15"

Salmon - 18"



   Pic 1 - salmon                    





pic 2 - rainbow


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