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Sad news


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Some of you may or may not have know about this (guessing nearly all didn’t)

or who he was. I found out sadly just this past week through his FB account when I went to wish him a happy birthday. 
Mark  was one of the guys that started L.O.U back in I believe 2003(?)along with Steve Drave. He was a super nice guy who was always willing to help out other fisherman with reports ect about what was going on out on the Big O. There was another Lake Ontario fishing site at the time that if I remember correctly had a few members or guys that ran it that would get a little more upset about who was posting whatever information they were or something along those lines (I’m sure someone will chime in about it) so he and Steve decided to start their own site and the rest I guess is history. 

In speaking with Steve the other day he was shocked and very sad when I told him. He said he hadn’t spoken with Mark since about May because he had been so busy (unfortunately we all know how that can be😢) but had said Mark hadn’t been feeling to well back then.

Mark was the 1st guy to have invited me out on his boat back then. I had my own boat but didn’t know really any of the other guys out fishing back then other than by seeing their boats pass by. One thing that stands out in my memory was the auto pilot on his boat. I thought WOW that’s pretty cool (I fished a lot by myself back in the day) He had one of the ones than hung over the steering wheel and I still remember the amount of noise it would make when in use 😩🤣. I had some good fun memories fishing with both Mark and Steve back then. 

I just thought it would be a nice thing to pass along in his memory and to maybe encourage some of you to at least text or call a friend maybe that you hadn’t spoken with for a while to at least say hello and see how they are doing. I had fallen out of touch with Mark over the last few years and wish now I had at least contacted him to say hello because you never know when it might be to late😢




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So sorry to hear this.  I had many great discussions on board with "reeljerks" in the years gone by. He was a great fisherman.  Rest in peace Bud.   (Haven't been onboard for over a month)


Tom B.


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Thank you for sharing this post. I am sad to learn bout this news.


Mark was always helpful to me when I first started out trolling in Lake O.  Mark has invited me to fish with him and his friends even when we did not know each other well. God bless this good man Mark.



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