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Sandy 4/29 Son’s First Trolling Outing

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Got my son out Saturday for the first time trolling. He has been all about fishing lately, as it’s all he talks about lol. We tried 20 to 30fow for kings for awhile, but with the waves from the NE wind I just couldn’t get a good speed. He ended up getting sick and threw up all over. Once I got him cleaned up, I asked if he wanted to go home, and he just said “no, fishy”. I said “you got it buddy” lol. Slid in to shallow water and hit a brown in short order. He was pumped, and we called it a day. 


This was the first time I got him out about two weeks ago. He was loving it. He isn’t even 2 yet lol


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That's awesome.   


A trophy if I've ever seen one right there nice job dad.   And of course the little guy gets extra points for still wanting to keep hunting after he hurled.

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There is nothing on this planet that is better than father & son fishing together no matter how young or old you are that little boy will remember that his whole life what a great gift congratulations one many more trips to follow

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