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AUG,5th sandycreek KING fishing 37.10LB

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: TOMAHAWK




Date(s):AUG 5th

Time on Water:5hrs


Wind Speed/Direction: 15-knots out of the west

Waves: 2 to 3

Surface Temp: 74






Total Hits: 10

Total Boated:8

Species Breakdown: all kings

Hot Lure: pro troll W/siggs Fly

Trolling Speed: 2.0 slow

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 330 to 400

Lure Depth:


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS set up at about 2pm in 170 fow trolled for a few hours zig zaging to 140 fow to 180 fow nothing going on but a few skippys so i pointed the nose north found good fish around the 330 to 350 fow and started moving rods with a good spoon bit , not much going on with the dipsy till the end of the day as i trolled back from 400 fow and hit 350fow dipsy took off out 225 on 2 setting with in seconds it was out 700+ feet thinking nice another pumped up 20lb king , then this thing hits the deck 40 mins later after 4 more good runs ! weight was 37.10 best for the boat for us only wish i got this one a few week ago. Capt. John



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Hey Jonny ,pretty good fish :lol: , next time play with the focus for about 30 sec and that guy will be crying with his arms streatched out with a fish that size.

they ant a ton of those big boys (girls) yet but becoming a everyday occurance somewhere on the south shores.

getting close to a 20.000.00 $ derby dont spill too many beans ,,,unless its in a pm to mee...

takes good teamwork to bring in a fish like that but id pay 20.00 for a vidio for the real story.....GRAB THE ROD !!!! OMG WE GOT A FISHY ON !!! WHAT DO WE DO???? DONT BRAKE THE BARBY POLE!!!!!!!!CALL RAY FOR INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!WHERE IS THE NET??? AHH I HOOKED FLY

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