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One for the taxidermist


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I was fortunate this year and connected with the biggest buck I had pictures of this season.  He showed up during the rut like all the big ones do and stuck around the property just long enough.  I got him the first week of the season on the 18th about 7:30am.  He was pushing a hot doe around and had run off two other bucks before he gave me about a 100 yard shot through the timber and that's all I needed.  Huge bodied deer that dressed out at 210lbs.  Taxidermist estimated him to be 6 1/2 years old and score about 150.  I'll get him scored officially when it's all done.  2014gunkill_zpse76c700c.jpgbigone2_zps9817bf57.jpg2014Monsterbucky_zpsa1b212f2.jpg

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Thank you for the kind words.  I measured 20" for an inside spread and the G2's were over 12" by a little.  He's a heck of a deer here for my WMU which is 5R.  The rack structure is common here and I've got a couple other bucks on camera over the years that have super high G2's and are no doubt related.  My best deer season without a doubt and a deer I'll probably never top but it will be fun trying.  I'll probably be passing up bucks in the future that I never would have before!

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