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What have you killed a deer with?


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Just thinking of a fun thread to see what guns or bows (or more) people have taken deer with…


I’ll go first…in order to the best I can remember…


Rem 870 12 gauge slug

Hoyt bow

Mathew’s bow

Winchester rifle in .280 REM

Mathew’s bow x2

REM 870 slug

Mathew’s bow x3

CVA optima .50 cal

45-70 marlin rifle

Toyota Tacoma

7-30 waters Thompson center pistol. 

hopefully to add 300 blackout this year. 

Let’s see what everybody else has used. 

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Pro hunter .50 cal muzzleloader 

TC Greyhawk .50 cal muzzleloader (round ball and XTP)

New England Firearms .50 cal muzzleloader (2 different ones)

New England Firearms .243

Pro Hunter30-06

TC Contender Pistol .357 maximum

Remington 1000 12 gauge 

Winchester model 12 20 gauge

Winchester 94 30-30

Alpine bow

Mathews Outback bow

Remington 721 .270

Mosburg bolt action 20 gauge

Savage 110 30-06 (caribou)

Remington 721 .270 (caribou)

Ruger Mark 2  .22 cal (trooper had me finish off road kill)

wife killed one with Camary

daughter killed one with Suburban

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J.C. Higgens model 20 12 gauge pump

Martin Panther Bow

Mossburg 190 16 gauge bolt action (x4)

Mossburg 500 pump 20 gauge (x2)

Savage 220 20 gauge bolt action (x4)

Matthews No Cam Bow (x3)

Ford Explorer 

















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I've only hunted deer with handguns. These are what I used to take deer:


S&W 629 Classic 6", 44 mag

Taurus    6", .357mag

TC Encore 14", .243


and my all time favorite that is my primary gun even during regular gun season

Kahnke model M82 12", 50 cal muzzelloader


Got his deer some years ago with it. My personal best.


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Remington 870 express magnum 12 gauge

Remington 870 express magnum 20 gauge

CVA Accura V2 50 cal muzzleloader

Savage axis II .270

Savage Axis XP .308

CVA  stag horn 50 cal muzzleloader

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow

Diamond compound bow

Browning Compound Bow

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my first was with a very old savage 16 ga with homemade sights.

second was a CVA kit gun 50 cal that gun killed several deer'

my next was a CVA double barrel 12 gouge with 690 round ball

many with my CVA double barrel 50 cal.

somewhere in here i got a few with a mossberg 12 gauge auto loader.

gor more than a few with savage, traditions, and white muzzleloaders

used a bow for a few yrs but only killed 2.

several with my Thompson encore 50 cal.

hunted with a CVA accura v2 but didnt have much luck.

went back to the encore after the CVA was stolen, got a few more.

i'm now hunting with a 45 cal CVA accura long range. but i only hunted 1 year with it.

all my deer came off public land. this yr will be 40 yrs deer hunting.

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Sherman takes me back some into 1964 and just married:

FIRST DEER in my life in NH with my new Marlin RC 336 30/30 lever action with a Williams peep sight, and she saw the deer first !

Every deer since in NY with my 1964 REM 870 Wingmaster 20Ga 3" mag pump. Shortened smooth bore with a Polychoke on slug. A Williams peep sight for the Brenneke  Magnums.  A light gun in any woods with silky action and a tack driver way out there.

Mrs loves her Winchester 12 Ga. pump 1300XTR Mag. with 2-3/4 Brenneke.

ALL GOOD, but only hunt uphill now, with some wicked nice memories.



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12 gauge 870 express

Savage 220

Martin bow

Savage 110 7mm mag

Marlin 45/70

1920 8mm Mauser

Mathews z7

Mathews mq1

Mathews switchback

Mathews triax

Browning xbow

Killer instinct xbow

Muzzleloader white mountain carbine

Thompson center encore muzzleloader 

Ar 450 bushmaster 


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Browning A5 12ga 71G
Rem 870 12ga
Mossberg 500 12ga
Mossberg 500 20ga
Benelli SBE 12ga
300 Savage lever action
Winchester model 70 30.06
Savage model 2 . 243
50 cal traditions pursuit proall
50 cal traditions vortec ultra light
50 cal Thompson center impact
Hoyt bow
Wicked ridge warrior G3

I have also killed with my dad's 30-06 pump, and my uncle's 30.06 semi. Two of my favorite guns.

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Not nearly as extensive and impressive as most of you guys but:

7.62 Russian I customized 

12 gauge Winchester 

20 gauge Ithaca

bear whitetail hunter

bowteck allegiance

ten point shadow light

savage M2 muzzleloader 

243 Ruger 

270 Remington

223 Remington 

and finally, the biggest thing I ever got going to ice fish Honeoye - a nice fat doe with my 2011 outback.

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54 minutes ago, tuffishooker said:

If you had to pick ONE gun what would it be ?

My CVA Accura V2 50 cal.  It gets you the longest amount of time in the woods.  You can use it during regular gun, late muzzleloader and now the holiday hunt.  They flat out knock deer down too!  

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Remington Model 7 .308 - 8 deer

Remington model 700 BDL .308 10 deer

Remington 870 20 gauge - 1 deer

Savage 220 20 gauge - 4 deer (current Shotgun of choice)

CVA Optima .50 Cal - 3 deer and Counting (current inline)

Thompson PA Carbine .50 Cal Flintlock - 11 deer (current Flintlock)

Robert Hart custom .257 Roberts Ackley Improved with a Remington model 700 Action (pre-recall) - 47 deer and counting (current rifle of choice)

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