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What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To While Fishing?


I Listen To:  

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  1. 1. I Listen To:

    • Bluegrass/Country
    • Rock
    • I'm There To Fish, Not Listen To Music

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..I don't have time to listen to music. Spend full time monitoring to the VHF for hot fishing reports, lures, locations. Then I go full bore to the new location right along side your boat with the hot color and try to catch a fish. Can't hear the radio while under full power and then to busy listening to the VHF again in case someone has another hot tip :? .

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Yeah, I would have to agree with Billy V, it depends on the fishin' situation:

-Spring Brown fishing = Quiet time

-Summer Kings = A good mix: Dave Matthews, Rusted Root, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, etc. - whatever the kings will bite to! :P

-Fall Combat = Metal & Hard Rock (Metallica, Disturbed, Motley Crue, etc.)

One summer we were out in the middle of the lake and hadn't done anything all morning. Drum Trip by Rusted Root starts to play and a rod pops and starts screamin'. After that, nothing. So just for giggles we play drum trip again...Fish on! :shock: It worked like 5 or 6 times! It didn't seem to matter how long in between each play of the song, or where we were located, it seemed to trigger a hit. True story. Hasn't happened since. :evil:

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Last year we werew having a slow period so I said I needed to spice it up a little. I put in Gretchen and all he-l broke lose after about 2 minutes of her cd starting. lol We do country, rock, and some of the 80's also. But most of the time I do not have time to turn the tunes on. Like said, it is drags screaming that is my music.


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I like country and 70's music But I can't rule out Pink Floyd.Jethro Tull and traffic.But most of the time I'm just enjoying being on the water I can take it or leave it.The sound of a screming line sounds the best I have to agree on that ;)

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Classic Rock w/some newer rock mixed in - country music NOT allowed on my boat uuuuuuuugh!!!! Crowing about the dog dying and the "old lady" leavin' how do you listen to that all day :shock: :shock: :lol: I'm not even gonna comment on rap :roll: :roll: :shock:

As much as I hate bluegrass though we started slammin' fish whenever one of those CD's got thrown in ;)

No wonder we don't catch any browns in the spring!!


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Start the motor ,turn on the XM. Usually old country ,sometimes bluegrass.It just depends on who Ive got with me.60s 70s are ok also. I also listen to open road [the truckers channel] The Ron and Fez show is probably the best show on the radio.Ive got a Yankee Fan I fish with quite a bit and we listen to the ballgames.

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Usually the country or lite rock, Nascar race if you can pick it up. I think if I put speakers on the front of the boat and play that metal stuff ,I would have more elbow room fishing in front of the river in the fall. :roll: ;)

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When I am running out and running back in...... Old Van Halen baby. (Got the bug from Candy)

Other than that:



Chilli Peppers

Kid Rock

Rage against the machine



Bosephus!!!! :devil:

and many others

And then Dan sr. gets ahold of the radio and its all about the Honky Tonk! :roll:

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