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a decent 8 point


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this is going to take longer to type than the actual hunt lasted.



hunted the first day morning and evening with plenty of sightings but none of the decent bucks

showed up.  second day I skipped the morning hunt because of bad winds for all my morning stands

and having some work i needed to get done.  the evening hunt I had 2 of the decent bucks at 20

yards all out battling for 15 minutes and no shot at either of them. 


last thursday am i went in to move that particular stand up another 10 feet, it was at 20 feet and just

seemed to be too low for my liking.  seeing as we were leaving for pa that afternoon I figured get in

move the stand up, spray it all down and get out of there and be gone for a few days.


 wanted to hunt last evening but we didn't get back in time.  this morning with the impending rains I didn't

dare hunt and the wind again was iffy for my morning spots.  as the day wore on and the rains moved out

and the temps dropped to 50 and the winds picked up from the west south west it was game on.... but there

seemed to be a persistant little disturbance to the west and I was watching it on the radar and finally I 

decided that it was going to move out over the lake and be good to go with no rain.


My concern over the rain made me later than I wanted to be to get to the stand I moved but I figured if I

hustled I would be ok.   I have been watching this buck for 3 months from long range almost on a daily basis

in the evenings and any mornings I didn't have to work. 


i parked the truck at 4:45 changed clothes and sprayed down with scent shield. I litterally jogged the 300 yards

to my stand. hooked up the harness and bow and up the tree. I pulled the bow up knocked an arrow and hung

the bow on the hanger and then hung my fanny pack on the tree.


I turn around and start to zip my jacket when I look up and see him coming towards me!  I pik up the bow and

he is now just about under me and he walks behind me as I ease to full draw he stops at 7 yards broadside

he raises his head and tests the wind. It was too late the green pin was burning a hole through the top of his right

shoulder, almost like a laser guide for the wasp tipped xx78.


at the shot he lunged forward and sprinted 35 yards before I heard him crash... I was in disbelief  on what had

just transpired, I was not in the stand 3 minutes before I shot him... I knew it wsa going to be close on time but

I didn't realise it was going to be that close.  


im done till I head back to pa to hunt there.



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Awesome buck and story, but please let me get this straight - you bowhunt from a stand 30 feet in the air? Out of 15 stands I own on three of my properties, my highest is 20 feet and it gives me a nosebleed.......you've got some serious stones to hunt that high up and shoot accurately........


Way to go - good luck the rest of the season,



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