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Lets see your Riggs.....

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  bayliner trophy 2860!   love this boat   lots of room for fishing and handles  rough water  very well! 



 a little farther away!





Gotta love it when the towing rig looks like a hot wheels toy next to the boat!  That's when you know the boat is a biggin'

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This is my newest rig. It needs a little polish but the motor runs great

When you catch something it gives new meaning to" putting dinner on the table"   :lol: .

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Here's mine

27' Eastern with 225 Honda and 9.9 Honda kicker 18' Taco outrigger, Raymarine E120 with 48 mile Radar

attachicon.gifImageUploadedByLake Ontario United1396641406.607558.jpg

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I have a couple more pix of your rig this am in the bay.....I tried to get your attention as you guys were cruising by


post-151807-0-82534500-1398043956_thumb.jpg            post-151807-0-56470100-1398043967_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Willy-C, I took a buddy's Autistic son (got called into work) this morning with me, got some great Go Pro Shots videos. You also got Tinker Tinker in the Parker too!! Next time use Chanel 68 on the VHF.

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If I could only keep the competition from running over my spread...

OK the "reel" rig is an '89 Trophy 2160 with new 350 ci block and Merc. 9.9 four stroke remote off the platform, 4 Cannon HS mag 10s, Cisco electric planer reels/B.J. Pulleys off the top, fish hawk x4/840 head, lowrance, garmin, double custom launchers holding 14 rods, Craig and Titelock rod holders.





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