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Congrats to Mortigan, He's on the Board!

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I never met Bob before today but we have conversed through the LOU site. Last night I contacted him and asked if he was free to fish this morning and he graciously accepted.
We met at Sandy Creek,shook hands and hopped in the Double D and hit the lake.
It was a little slow the 1st hour but finally Bob landed a 4 lb steelhead. We the started hitting fish good on the dipsys. Lakers and then a nice teenage king .I kept handing the rod to Bob and he boated the 1 st 4 or 5 fish. He really wanted to make the derby board as he had never done so.
Next fish fires on the dipsy again and Bob says" no you catch one"
Well wouldn't you know as luck would have it ,it's a 20 lb laker! I already have a 21 lb 5 oz laker on the board so after a few pictures back into the lake it went.
I fell terrible that Bob didn't have that fish .
After a couple more Lakers and a 10 lb King that Bob caught
The dipsey rod fires hard, again Bob say " you get it" no way my friend it's yours I say.
Good call because Mortigan lands a beast 25lb 4 oz king !
It was an adventure as the lake really kicked up and the deep rigger rod fired and we had a double
That fish was a laker and got wrapped in the other wire dipsey line but we managed to steer the boat and land both fish( 1 st time run running cut bait so was glad to see I rigged it right)
Any ways I am pleased to have finally met a LOU member in person and to be part of his outstanding day!





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WTG guys! :yes:  Hey Bob maybe that's what I was referring to when I mentioned to you about the pluses to getting off to a "new start" :)

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Congrats, sometimes luck does favor the good guys. Very happy for Bob, he is an extremely nice guy. And it was extremely kind of you Dvdgeorge to keep putting that that rod in is hand. Karma comes around and you will be rewarded.

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Yep, somewhere pigs are flying - the fish is in eight place and was Big Fish today too.  I finally caught a Derby fish!


I'm punchy from lack of sleep but first, thank you to all the guys I've fished with over the last few seasons.  We've put in the same time and effort many times but today, the fish (and fate) finally cooperated.


Dan - I'm SO glad you called!  Thanks for a great day.  I can check off one fishing goal... but I'll probably have to delay my Tyee for a return visit...








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great job out there!

we launched just after you in the intruder. you found what we were looking for. we fished all day boated a mix of fish mostly spoon bite, bunch of releases with either no fish or fish off quickly. bunch of fish foul hooked for whatever reason. either an off bite or speed related. lots of down current and waves to keep things interesting. covered lots of water. lots of bait and marks but struggled to get a good bite going especially with flasher/fly. biggest king was 15 ish, biggest brown 7ish, biggest steelie 7-8#, biggest laker 15#. carbon 14 and ssw hottest spoon. boated around 20 fish for our 12+ hour trip missed a bunch. gonna do it again friday!

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Good going guys!!!  I'm glad you got a board fish, Bob, you've deffinately put in your time, and took enough punishment from me over the last couple of seasons. lol 

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