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Nice little 8 point Sunday morning

Iron Duke

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Got in my stand about an hour before light and had all kinds of activity about 15 mins before legal shooting light but then wind picked up pretty good and was swirling a bit thought it might screw things up but I was definitely wrong had two 6 points show up about 60 yards out in the scrub brush working a ridge line but never came close enough for a clean shot they worked the area for a bit then had a 4 point coming down off the hill about 45 yds when he got spooked by what I thought was my scent but looked up in direction he was looking when spooked and here came this nice 8 through the scrub brush the other bucks were working earlier. . He angled up out to the logging road were I have no shot so grunted at him a few times but never even acknowledged me so I knew I had to stop him pretty quickly if I was to get a chance at him so I Snort Wheezed him and he turned on a dime and angled back up thru the woods towards me he stopped about 25 yards made a scrape and tore two little saplings out of the ground showing his aggression and working toward me walking sideways with the neck and back hairs all puffed up ready to fight then stepped around a tree and gave me a perfect 10 yard broad sideshot, I pulled the trigger on the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow and the Slick Trick Magnum 100 grain blasted thru him like butter and he went 15 yards and piled up in a heap on the logging road... Just the show he put on alone was worth all the pre season work and I know there are quite a few that are against the crossbows in NY but I work 2 jobs almost everyday and just dont get the practice time with a regular bow and think this is a great way to get the feel of regular un pressured bow hunting ...

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