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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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I am fairly concerned about Mr Itchy.  He had a run-in with a Reynolds aluminum foil box and his cuticle got dinged. I swear that company should go into the broadhead making business. 

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1 minute ago, Missdemeanor said:

Love gun season.... Revolver for me... I'm hitting a beer can at 50 yards... More challenging than a rifle or shotgun...good luck fellas1116202113~2.jpeg

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I have used a S&W 44 in the past matt. I was never impressed with the knockdown or very little blood trail. It was accurate as hell too. Looking back i should have shot them in the head. Good luck. Can't wait till bunny season.

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Looking for my first kill with my 220! And I got a 10mm to play with this yr!


This morning I scouted a spot I wanted to put my camera I found lots of good rubs. And saw a 1.5yr old 5 point and a 2.5 yr old 6 point and 2 does!


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I saw nothing this morning. On the off chance that I do see something tomorrow, I've decided to throw rocks at it. With any luck, I will spook it to a neighbor and they will shoot it. Why mess with a proven tactic?

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7 minutes ago, MeanMachine said:

On my way to Ohio with my daughter for a youth hunt.  Hopefully she scores early so I can get back to hunt with my dad.  Good luck to all!


Good luck! She was successful last year??? Im headed there again for muzzleloader.

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