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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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14 minutes ago, JakeyBaby said:

I was in your shoes on the 6th man! It sucks hardcore!! We searched every square inch of property i was able to, with no luck. Unfortunately I was not able to get a dog to help, but very busy time of year for those few guys that choose to track over hunt. Takes a lot to get back out there but we have no choice! The next few days are when the BIG boys are their feet big time searching for their next does! As wierd as it sounds i wish I was going to work in the morning with my bow tag wrapped around the deer i shot's rack,, but instead I will be in a tree swaying and freezing on another all day sit , but this is what we wait for all year! If this hasn't happened to everyone, well they just plain out haven't been doing this hard and long enough!







Appreciate the encouragement man. I can at least take pride in my land improvement strategies that gave me better opportunities this year. And I’ll get after it, I just need a night to sit and think it out. 

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I was fortunate enough a couple weekends ago to have a good ending to a horrible shot. Deer made it 29 hours or ao before we found him dead. Pauline, Chris and dogs Bruno and Radar did a great job and we had tremendous help with sportsman property owners that had seen him and gave us access to their property. Last property owner actually brought him out with his tractor for me. Very thankful for all the help. Personal best for me.20201107_141141.jpeg20201107_134040.jpeg

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Yah, you work so hard for the opportunity snd then you hurry the shot. I just have to be better. I will be better next time, but I’m done with the bow for the year. That just takes all the want out of me. Here is a pic of the 7 we found. It was a good deer and yes I believe it was tripping the dog up. Searched for over 6 hours today and covered almost all available areas within a mile. Grid searched, never had good blood really beyond the arrow 

Just wondering if you were able to find the hunter who shot the 7 point. What area were you in??

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13 hours ago, idn713 said:

No dice. Just.......unreal. Found someone else’s nice 7 point. Sickening. 

I couldn’t be more upset with myself 


Unfortunately it happens. I have a similar story that I shared in last years thread. In the end it looked like i must of got only one lung and we bumped the deer a day and a half later. It sucks. You just have to move past it and get back to hunting. Its an emotional roller coaster.

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We all have horror stories of deer loss. I have lost two does after “perfect” slightly quartering away shots. Sometimes the arrow can find a gap between heart/major vessels and lungs. Sometimes a deer just can make it a long time on one lung. I have changed the way I shoot as a result. I now look for a harder quartering away angle and tuck the arrow behind the last rib. As much as I hate dealing with gut matter while dressing a deer, the further back entry allows for taking out more vital organs such as the diaphragm, liver, spleen and pancreas. 

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