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Yankee in the ROC 1/8 - What do you think it is?

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Today we're thankful for another chance to fish Lake Ontario in the middle of Winter! We had two local guys looking to get out and experience this fishery we've been posting about. We met at the launch around 7am and headed out. I guess we should have paid attention to yesterday's wind direction. When we set down the water was very dirty. We gave it 30 minutes before we picked and ran looking for the water color we wanted to fish. That didn't take long. As soon as the rods went in at spot #2 they were firing!
10-15' of water was our best Brown Trout water. At one point in the late morning we slid out to 50' hoping to swing on a Late Trout. We marked a few, but never turned a bite. As soon as we slid back into Brownie water we started moving rods again. Bay Rat SS's took most of our fish flatlined behind Offshore OR12 inline boards. Stairway to Heaven, Firetail Secret, and Citrus Shad were our best stickbait colors. On our Chinook Divers and Cannon Downriggers we pulled Dreamweaver SS Glow Frog patterns early in the trip. Towards the end of the trip we tossed in some Bay Rat 3.5's in My Secret, Black Flash, and Chicken Wing. All took fish.
Last pic.......Brown or Atlantic?
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It is unfortunate the way it is being held. It would be very helpful to see the adipose fin and tail. The head structure looks like Atlantic, The lack of significant spotting below the lateral line also looks that way as well as lack of significant spotting on lower gill plate. It is difficult to tell the exact eye alignment with the end of the jaw because of the way it is being held and likewise for the thickness of the peduncle. Based on the image I would guess Atlantic as well. The only sure way to tell is examining the inside of the roof area of the mouth for the vomarine teeth structure.

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9 hours ago, Tip-sea-tuna said:

Were the browns all that different in color phase or is that just the way the pics look with the lighting or angle? 


Looks like Yankee got into mixed age classes. Fish that have spawned will hold their spawning colors right into Spring. Males usually have more vivid coloring than the females. Some very nice specimens there.

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