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Big Bodied 8PT Down!

Primetime Pete

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Well had this guy show up last Friday and its been a chess match for a couple of hunts between the windy weather and trying to put myself in the right place to get a crack at him. Well yesterdays pm hunt it all came together right before dusk. The big bodied 8pt came out into the clover food plot and proceeded to "sneak" right over towards my stand to check the does that were in front of me. He was moving so fast coming at me I was having trouble holding the range finder on him. Finally he slowed and I ranged him at 33yrds. I had to grunt at him three times to try and stop him. He paused for a moment and I squeezed a shot off. The shot was true and I watched as he bolted about 30 yards and then plowed to the ground. I got down and walked over to him and couldn't get over the size of him. My biggest archery buck.




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