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Launched at Fort Niagara and ran out to east of the red can and set up heading east a bit deeper than the rest of the pack. Before getting all the rods in, we doubled on kings....10lber and a 23lber. Worked that water for a few hours and landed 4 more kings in the teens. About 930 the 50' rigger fires with what I thought was another king by the screaming drag and long battle, but instead a 22lb steelie found its way to the net!! At that point we decided to head in and get the fish on ice as this one is going on the wall! 220 fow was best for us with the bigger fish coming on SD and fly combos on the wires, other than the steelie that took a spoon off a rigger down 50. Will be back out to try again in the am.



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What an awesome fish. I think I saw you head in. I made a comment to my day that some one was quitting early. Now I understand why. We are very jealous.



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