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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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 Congrats to all the nice deer taken.  With work and family don't get out as much as I once did. Love reading this thread.  Nice to know a group of people who knows what it takes to put time in. 


Opening day , pass up some does IMG_20181117_141546481.thumb.jpg.8d01a193ef90124c329ecbb5d1dd2444.jpgand smaller bucks , at 10am a little doe came in and I could see something running behind her. The buck circle way out in front of her.( Think he had my wind) as she stall in front of me the buck made her way back to her and I was able to connect!  I have done a lot of deer and nothing this big ! It was just a monster!! Good luck! Be one I remember for a long time and got to do it with my Dad!! # memories Niagara Co.







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November 18 pm

37 degrees
S wind 5 mph

Pretty slow until after 4 this afternoon. Saw a deer I couldn't indentify in the bedding and had a small buck made his way by me around 430. Quiet night for my kid on stand up until 430 or so. He had some deer in the thick stuff never show themselves. A decent doe popped out of the corn and gave him an opportunity so he took it.


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Congratulations to everyone!


I saw jack in the morning, changed locations by 20 miles, and had a buddy who got there 15 minutes before me shoot a big doe while I was walking to the stand. It was his second doe of the day, after taking a nice buck on the opener. I think he's spent a grand total of less than an hour on stand. Walmart, here we come! More DMP, please.


I. on the other hand, sat in the back of the property for 4 hours and saw diddly/squat. 

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Wow some giants hit the ground this opener ! Congratulations.. Prattsburg report ,a fresh 15 inches on the ground made it a hard hunt, deer slid into survival mode staying on the plowed fields and hiding under the pines saw one spike opening day after 9 hrs in the tree one of the guys close to the road lost a nice buck, Sunday I walked around 100 plus acres in all this snow had the chance at a few doe , why ? Couldn’t drag them anywhere......if I wanted to ..woke up to more snow this morning, goin to pack up bust out of here hopefully make it to the hard road , hunt 8 a where’s there’s less snow, live to hunt camp another day ...

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Thought I would share this pic- my buddy shot this yesterday and it ran past his game camera moments before the grim reaper took over. I also would like to thank you legacy for this yearly thread.I look forward to it daily- it keeps me sane and work and a little jealous. Good luck to all hunters - shoot straight and be safe

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Holy cow fishon!!!  That buck is crazy.  Congratulations to everyone else who got one.  This year seems to be one for the books with big bucks coming in left and right.  I saw a lot of little bucks during bow but nothing I wanted.  Yesterday morning I was fortunate to connect with one of the 3 bucks I was after.   He was following a doe right at sunrise and then turned to confront a coyote that walked about 20 yards behind him.  I thought that was going to blow the deal but he just walked after the coyote a little bit and had a staredown with him before the yote walked off.  He then turned back to follow the doe and walked into a little opening at 70 yards giving me a good shot.  The before and after.  Good luck to everyone else.



2018 Gun Buck.jpg

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